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Flying Saucers and The Descent into Madness by Anthony Bragalia


The study of mysteries can be all-engrossing. The truth about UFOs is something that is wholly unknown (or something kept cautiously concealed.) It therefore excites curiosity and wonder. We are driven to solve the seemingly unsolvable. Before he died, the noted UFO skeptic Philip Klass actually included a “curse” in his Last Will and Testament that was related to the drive to solve the UFO mystery. In his Will drawn in 1983, Klass included a bequeathal to UFO researchers:

“No matter how long you live, you will never know any more about UFOs than you know today. You will never know any more about what UFOs really are, or where they come from. You will never know any more about what the U.S. Government really knows about UFOs than you know today. As you lie on your own death-bed you will be as mystified about UFOs as you are today. And you will remember this curse.”

Will the forever “unknowable” UFO only lead one to eternal frustration, as Klass cursed? Can the study of something so very illusive - with perhaps no solution in our lifetime - take over our life? Has researching the Flying Saucer even driven some researchers to the brink of madness?


Peter Gersten

Peter Gersten is an unsung hero in the world of UFO research. Originally from New York and an articulate and accomplished attorney since 1970, Gersten gained the name “UFO Lawyer” due to his dedicated and serious efforts in uncovering UFO truth. Gersten skillfully utilized FOIA, the courts and other legal tools. He represented various research groups including CAUS (Citizens Against UFO Secrecy) and GSW (Ground Saucer Watch) as early as 1978 and through the 1990s in winning access to UFO records that were held by various government agencies including the CIA. Gersten teamed regularly with such researchers as Brad Sparks, Todd Zechel, Larry Bryant and Barry Greenwood in these legal efforts.

Gersten was also notable for his work in filing a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of Betty Cash and Vicky and Colby Landrum. The three Texans had attested to witnessing a UFO in December of 1980 that was accompanied by helicopters that somehow has ‘irradiated’ them and caused life-long illnesses. This is the famous “Cash Landrum” UFO case. Though Gersten was unsuccessful in his claim against the government, Gersten worked tirelessly to prove the case.

The cracks in the egg began to show however in 1998. Gersten began making off-the-wall pronouncements that he possessed ‘special knowledge’ about the phenomenon. In fact he issued a statement that a UFO would publicly land in Arizona on December 7th of that year. Of course, no such saucer ever did land. From that point on, Gersten began to assume a more “mystical” tone in his writing and beliefs. He even took to donning ‘wizard robes’ and roaming the desert in search of truth:


A far more frightening turn was taken this year when Gersten proclaimed that he actually intends to leap off of Bell Rock near Sedona, AZ on December 21, 2012 at precisely 11:11. Gersten believes that the date of Winter Solstice 2012 is very significant as is “11/11.” He maintains that on that date, at that time and at that place, an “inter-dimensional portal” will open up to “elsewhere.” He believes that this cosmic portal can be entered by leaping off of a towering summit (Bell Rock) near ‘sacred’ Sedona.

Bell Rock, AZ (from where Gersten says he will hurl himself)

It was in 1998 (the year he predicted a public UFO landing) that Gersten began noticing the symbolism and “meaning” of 11:11. Gersten began “seeing” the “11:11” and variations of these numbers everywhere, including in digital devices. Somehow in his mind he has combined the significance of this time with the 2012 date and the place, Sedona. They will “coalesce” he believes, and when he throws himself off of the mountain, he will be “saved” by a swooping Flying Saucer which will “catch” him before his body crashes to the desert floor. It will then whisk him away to a new, and presumably better reality. Gersten maintains a website that details this plan.
This author has communicated with Peter Gersten about this and other UFO matters. I have always appreciated his early contributions to the field and enjoyed dialoging with him. Back in June 23, 2010 I received an email from Gersten explaining to me his current belief about the Roswell crash and about ET.

In part it read: “Anthony - I believe that something crashed at Roswell and that a continuing policy of secrecy was instituted in the form of the National Security Act of 1947. But I believe it was because of an unusual technology that was discovered in the object. I do not believe that any strange creatures were found.” I respected Gersten’s opinion and had sought out his thoughts on the issue due to my interest and his prior work on the matter.

But when I found out that Gersten has now proclaimed that he will jump off a mountain - and make a “leap of faith” that he will be saved by a UFO - I became profoundly disturbed. I could barely believe that the man I had earlier corresponded with and had respected all of these years really meant that he really would do this.

Frankly horrified and appalled, on May 12, 2011 I emailed him:

“Peter - I have valued your work at CAUS and your early work using FOIA, the courts and other legal tools to access UFO truth. This is why I beseech you to re-consider. your decision to enter a cosmic portal by leaping from Bell Rock on December 12, 2012You have offered the research world much, and you have much more to offer. Please stay with us."

Are you not concerned that others may wish to follow your leap from Bell Rock? What if others who read of your planned endeavor seek to join you in the Leap? How will you respond to them and what will you advise them? What has your family said about this? Are you not concerned that when you leave, they will be left without you?”

Gersten replied to me that same day:

“Tony - I do not know what the exact details of my leap of faith will be, though I am now prepared to risk my life for what I believe in if necessary. I neither encourage nor discourage another’s actions now or in the future. I will not tell another how they should live or die. I am not responsible for the actions of others. I no longer have any responsibility regarding my family. And if I did it would end on my death. But once again, I do not know how my story will end and probably will not know until 12-21-2012.”

It is obvious that Peter has committed to what is certain suicide. His comments and attitude about his family are of special concern. Where are they? Why are they not stepping forward to help? I also have concern that others may elect to join Peter next year in this obviously fatal exercise. I implore anyone who may personally know Peter Gersten to counsel him against his decision. If they do not, it will be too late and we will look back wondering how it had ever happened.



Bill Knell has been active in UFO research and reporting for decades. Known as the “UFO Guy,” he operates several websites and online stores that offer DVDs, videos and cassettes on the phenomenon. Knell has been featured on the Coast-to-Coast national radio show and has written numerous online articles and privately printed treatises. Knell did much good early work on UFO incidents on Long Island and in the NY region.

In recent years, however, Knell has taken a turn. Knell has been accused of criminal activities such as making illegal copies of other researchers copyrighted UFO documentaries and videos and selling them on his site and on other web stores. He also began to make over-the-top claims of having met Jackie Gleason (who told him of crashed ET that he had seen) and Walter Cronkite (who confirmed the UFO reality.) This author had contacted Knell about two years ago relative to a claim made by Knell that he had interviewed the daughter of the Roswell Base Chaplain. When I called out Knell on this and indicated that I had actually found the RAAF Base Chaplain’s daughter and that she bore no resemblance to how Knell had described her, he harshly accused me of being a “disinformation agent” who was “in bed with the enemy.”

Knell had as his arch-rival another Long Island based UFO researcher, John Ford. Ford operated his “Long Island UFO Network” while Knell operated the “Long Island Skywatch” organization.

John Ford, UFO Investigator

John J. Ford was a Long Island court officer and a long-time UFO enthusiast. He established a UFO research organization in the late 1980s. Ford garnered the attention of other researchers such as Phil Imbrogno and Linda Moulton Howe for his early investigation of Long Island area sightings and events. By the 1990s however, Ford began to believe that a UFO had crashed near Long Island’s Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton. He further believed that the Suffolk County authorities were involved in creating “diversionary” fires in Long Island’s Pine Barrens to conceal the alien’s crash landing. Writing in 1993, Ford’s rival Bill Knell took to the Net to begin deriding Ford’s claims. Knell also accused Ford of harassing and threatening him, with Ford accusing Knell of the same.

Ford’s beliefs became even more bizarre by 1996. Ford, at the time 48, was arrested on charges that he was scheming to kill John Powell, the chairman of the Suffolk County Republican Committee as well as Fred Towle, a Suffolk County legislator, and Anthony Gazzola, Chief Investigator for the Brookhaven Town Attorney’s Office. Ford planned to put deadly radium in their cars and lace their toothpaste with radioactive metal. Ford wanted the three killed because he believed that they were purposely interfering with his investigation of the Brookhaven UFO crash and with his efforts to contact aliens. Ford was found unfit to stand trial and was committed to the Mid-Hudson Psychiatric Center where he has remains to this day. Bill Knell gloated over his rival’s turn of events.

This past month, a decade and a half after his rival John Ford was committed to a mental institution, Bill Knell himself degenerated to lows in mental health that have never been seen in the UFO world. We learn in an article appearing in the March 30, 2011 edition of the Lebanon (IN) Reporter:

“Testimony by the Indiana Department of Child Services and the Lebanon Police Department revealed that the Knell home at 1610 Ashley Drive was layered in filth, overrun by cockroaches, with rotting food in the refrigerator, bathrooms and bedrooms and toilets. The chair that Mr. Knell had been sitting in appeared to be covered in urine and feces.”

The article continues that Knell. 55, and his wife, 47, face up to 10 criminal charges of child neglect.


William Moore, Former UFO Researcher

As readers know, this author is a proponent of the ET reality of the Roswell crash. Because of this, I have had dialog with Bill Moore, one of the original Roswell researchers (and author of the first book on the subject, The Roswell Incident.) Along with Stan Friedman, Moore “re-surfaced” awareness of the Roswell crash in 1980.

Moore’s story is well-known. Despite early pioneering work on the Roswell crash that was of considerable quality, Moore slowly began to become more ‘wild’ and gullible in his research. He started to affiliate with people such as Richard Doty, a known con-man who had an association with Air Force Intelligence. Moore has played a role in the release of the scurrilous “MJ 12” papers and put together what he termed an “Aviary” of supposed military and intelligence insiders seeking the “core story” about ET truth. He assigned these individuals aliases, using the names of birds. The “birds” (many of whom I have spoken with) often did not even know that they had ever been “named” - and that what Moore was referring to about what was said by Aviary “members” was simply their speculation and private thoughts. Moore simply “looped back” this speculation to other members, creating “mystery” where there was none.

This “cloak and dagger” fantasy of Moore’s extends to this day! Moore lives in a dreamt-up world of supposed agents and counteragents and of spy games and codenames of his own making. In an email to me dated March 31, 2010, Bill Moore responded to my email to him from the previous day. I had inquired of Moore about his thoughts on a particular facet of the Roswell crash. Though I had corresponded with him previously, Moore had now become totally nonsensical and utterly paranoid in his reply to me:

“Mr. Bragalia - If you can answer these three recognition questions correctly, you will have identified yourself as someone I can safely talk to. Otherwise I have nothing more to say. I understand that you have an Aunt who is a famous dancer. (1) What is her name? (2) Where does she dance (3) And what is her favorite bird? Best, WM”

Two decades later and he has worsened. Bill Moore remains oddly suspicious of others, obsessed with the “birds” and “Aviary” motif that he invented, and he continues to be compelled to fashion himself as a “James Bond.” Needless to say, I did not have the answers to Moore’s made-up “pre-screening” questions and thus I never received an answer from him to my original question.

This childish and psychologically revealing email reply from Moore had me wondering: Whatever exactly had become of him? I phoned my research associate Tom Carey (co-author of Witness to Roswell) to ask him if he knew anything about Moore’s livelihood or whereabouts. Tom replied that though circumstances may have changed by now, the last that he had heard Bill Moore had taken to repairing motorcycles for a living. He was residing in an apartment above a seedy bar in West Hollywood. It appears that no one hears much from Bill Moore anymore.


Of course the above are rather extreme examples of how UFOs can tax the mental and psychological well-being of those who study them. But one does not need to announce public suicide, attempt to kill, become neglectful of basic hygiene, or think himself a James Bond in order to suffer the torments of research unrequited.
Traveling down paths with no end, knocking on doors with no answer, UFO researchers do their work often without any real reward. The UFO puzzle continues to puzzle them, decade after decade. The mind reverberates as it dwells on this illusive, confounding mystery. It could drive even the most stable of us to disorder on occasion. This author himself confesses to nights of sleeplessness and to periods of elation and of profound disappointment over research of the UFO. Perhaps the curse that Phil Klass’ made in his Will to ufologists that we will die not knowing the truth is indeed true.

Researchers are limited by resources and time, as nearly all do this work as an avocation. Academia ostracizes them. The mainstream Press giggles. It is no wonder that those who study the UFO often feel like one-eyed men in a kingdom of the blind.
Obviously such study can affect different people in very different ways. For some it is an intellectual exercise. For others it is a matter of detective research. For still others it is an obsession and ‘extreme hobby.’ But for a minority, it can become unhealthy and even dangerous as we have seen. But we might do well to consider the words of Mark Twain: “When we remember that we are all mad - the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.”


  1. Greetings Tony,

    Congrats on the new blog. I noticed your blurb on Bill Knell, and in particular you wrote:

    "In recent years, however, Knell has taken a turn. Knell has been accused of criminal activities such as making illegal copies of other researchers copyrighted UFO documentaries and videos and selling them on his site and on other web stores."

    To say that the above statement is erroneous, would be like calling the disaster at Fukushima an inconvenience!

    If one digs into Knell's background, (as many of us have) including the court records, as well as consumer complaints, you'll find that Knell's nefarious activities have always been there (for decades)! In short not only is he is a life long criminal, he is a pathological liar/conman! He is not someone who "recently went bad."

    For example:

    Published: March 6, 1984
    A Queens gun dealer believed to have sold more than 1,000 handguns illegally in the last year was arrested yesterday after the police recovered a cache of guns in his mother's apartment, authorities said.

    The dealer - William Knell, 27 years old, of 164-22 77th Road - had a license to deal in rifles and shotguns but was not licensed for handgun transactions, the police said. He was charged with illegal possession and sale of weapons, the police said.

    The police said they intercepted a package for Mr. Knell at Kennedy International Airport yesterday and determined that it contained weapons.

    Saucer Smear

    Knell, who has a history of illegal gun sales and pirating of copyrighted UFO material, now calls himself a "paranormal investigator and media consultant". We don't like him any more than we like Ford, since Knell sent us a series of written death threats a couple of years ago! (This we can document!)

    –Linda Moulton Howe and ABC sued Knell for video piracy over 12 years ago.

    His (retail) victims are literally in the thousands and we have up to 80 researchers names that he pirated work from and continues to to this day!

    In conclusion, he is a life-long criminal with a history of convictions and criminal/civil complaints against him (and his family), with the majority ending in judgements or penalties of some sort.

    He is a pathological liar who has habitually embellished his background and invented stories re Ufology, and this type of scourge does the already controversial subject Ufology no favors (to put it mildly).


  2. Back to the topic of the "Descent into Madness"-

    Amid the noise of UFO madness, to include the field of profiteering on the madness, I hope there is indeed a signal found.

    Once you see a physical object that is completely beyond your experience you then know that something actually exists. I'm not talking of lights in the night sky, I mean a daylight sighting at low altitude where a physical object is definable clearly.

    From that point on, it is no longer just a magazine story or the like that makes you wonder, it becomes a real. Mine was 27 years ago and I still hope to see another. I was just stunned as what I saw made no sense. Disclosure or other answers would be great. But just seeing one for yourself is a life changing moment.


  3. Kudos on a well-written piece about a sack of pathetic, mentally-fractured fraudsters. What makes it all especially sad is not just their wasted existence, but the incredible fascination their lies and cons had for so-called "ufologists" who credulously groveled at their feet, ready to grasp at any crumb of "revelation" flicked their way, to be passed on to a hapless and gullible public. It is a pointed reminder of the deplorable state of "ufology", in which 98.372% of "information" in existence is hokum, fraud, and con. As if it needed any government "disinformation" to render it absurd!

  4. Anthony, another very good article on a very real psychological phenomena. Another legendary figure and sad case in the UFO field that comes to mind is Dr. James E. McDonald.

    It leaves me with the question as to whether people who become interested in and/or obsessed with UFOs have a predispostion toward such psychological issues, or whether they simply succomb to such malodies as a natural progression as they delve into the study and theories of something so enigmatic.

    I can also admit to some sleepless nights and lack of good judgment at times after initially realizing that UFOs do exist, and it caused some difficulties when I would devote too much of my time to study and field work instead of spending time at home.

    Again, very interesting article and a pleasure as always to read your work.

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  6. John Keel argued that there is a direct
    relationship between UFOs and elemental phenomena.

    Keel informed Loren Coleman often that he did not consider himself a “ufologist,” but a

    “Ufology is just another name for demonology,” John Keel told Loren Coleman.


  7. Since I've never spoken with the people cited as examples (although, as Frank Warren points out, the suggestion that Bill Knell may have taken a turn for the worse is a dubious one), I can only offer general speculation.

    There are many things which can drive a person to mental instability, but setting aside organic brain injury and any number of physiological disorders, as you point out, there are very prosaic reasons why anyone studying UFO phenomena might find themselves in the throes of manic depression with or without delusions, a word we apply for experiences and/or interpretations which fall outside the scope of consensus reality.

    The difference between Paul Kimball's perspective on Peter Gersten versus your own illustrates the subjective nature and overall complexity of the human experience.

    While I'm not exactly keen on suicide - not at the moment, anyway - I take issue with the following commentary [referring to Peter Gersten]: "His comments and attitude about his family are of special concern. Where are they? Why are they not stepping forward to help?" Unless you are privy to Mr. Gersten's personal life as pertains to his familial relationships - and, for all I know, you may be - adopting such a tone is not only presumptuous and comes off as accusatory, it is also insensitive to the point of cruelty. I offer this criticism not as a moral judgment, but as a clarion call on the need for compassion, humility and understanding.

    Is there a causal relationship between ufology and mental illness? Perhaps, but, if so, I doubt it is any more pronounced than engagements with other enigmas, or, for that matter, more mundane matters which are beyond one's personal control. The death of a family member. Losing a job through no fault of one's own. Chronic illness. Being victimized by a violent crime. All of these things, and a great deal more, can be triggers. Some people cross The Abyss intact. Others are swallowed.

    The culprit is stress: its nature and degree, one's reaction(s) to it and the social support systems available to each individual. - including a very real lack of public health options for the vast majority of people. The lack of social support systems is isolating and results in a 'neural loop' of sorts, until one's life becomes like a game of Jenga.

    If a causal relationship does exist between the UFO enigma and mental illness - something I don't believe has been anywhere near established - I would suggest the proximate cause would be found in sociological factors unique to UFO research and/or experiences. Not only is the subject drenched in fear and disinformation, it is also populated by interested parties who can be extremely merciless in their quests for esteem and social advantage. Welcome to the human condition. Offenders are many and various, malicious and not, sweet and sour.

    I, too - like you - have ridden up and down the escalator of UFO epiphanies and false epiphanies, and as long as I'm engaged in UFO phenomena, I expect it to be periodically intense and intensely personal. hope to tell my own story someday with total candor, and, when I do, there will be no shortage of people calling me crazy. A few already are. I have a long way to go before I handle it gracefully, but, for me, that process is a fundamental part of the aggregate experience.

  8. You need to calm down Tony. You have once again become emotionally involved in a story and it is clouding your common sense. I am assuming that you truly have my welfare in mind when you shout out ‘UFO LAWYER’ VOWS TO COMMIT SUICIDE in your blog because, quite frankly, you are a cowardly alarmist. If you really once respected my legal prowess in obtaining UFO documents, then you should have sent me your commentary in advance so that this response could’ve been part of the original posting.

    If you re-read the email I sent you, I quite unequivocally state in both the first and last sentences that I do not know what I will be doing on December 21, 2012. Tony, your false assumptions, illogical conclusions, and letting your emotions cloud your judgment have now extended beyond your attachment to Roswell and reached out to include my story and me.

    You love to rush to judgment before getting all the facts, now don’t you? Have you read through my web site that explains the reasons for my beliefs? You can check it out here:


    Do you even know what my Leap of Faith is actually about – other than erroneously thinking it will be my suicide? Have you researched the 11:11 phenomenon? How much do you know about the Simulation Theory and Holographic Reality? I suggest you take your head out of the Roswell sand and look around you. The natural order in our intelligently configured simulated hologram has been disturbed. I have an insane plan that might fix the problem.

    Your commentary is chocked full of misinformation and judgment. But then again you subtly told your readers that in naming it … Descent into Madness by Anthony Bragalia. It sure seems that way based on your total misrepresentation of my emails and web site. I guess it is not a good idea to disagree with your conclusions about Roswell, huh?

    I still have the wizard’s robe but I know better than to even attempt to look for truths – especially in your blog.


    20 May 2011

  9. Peter-

    From your own website you say of yourself that “I needed to die in this reality to be resurrected in another.”

    You also state, “Only by risking my life could I accomplish my destiny.” This is a sentiment that you repeated in your email to me.

    You have given several interviews on this and in one you outline your holographic universe and “cosmic program” concept where nothing is “real.” You then explain that you want “freedom from this imprisoning time loop.”

    You say that in 2012 you will turn 70 and that “I think it will then be time for me to move on – in one form or another. I’d like to see what else the Cosmic Computer has to offer.”

    It is a bit difficult to follow your website and reasoning on this Peter, so forgive me if I have made some errors in precisely describing your life philosophy. But these and similar statements that you have made in print and on video leave no room for interpretation but that you are flirting with Death. I can assure you that –just as the UFO that you predicted would land- there will be no “cosmic portal” that will “open up” for you to save you when you “risk your life” in attempting to pass through it off of Bell Rock.

    My email to you about this was sincere: do not entertain this, please. You say that you do not know what will happen, but it is evident what will. If you try to leave this “imprisoning time loop” by taking a leap of faith off of Bell Rock to catch a portal that will never come, you will leave this plane of existence. I and others fear that is precisely what you want to have happen, given your many statements on this.

    I wish you clarity on this Peter and urge you to consult your family or close friends who must care very deeply about such talk…

    Best, Peter

    Anthony Bragalia

  10. Insane-in-the-membrane ufologists!

    I basically agree with what Anonymous poster wrote about John Keel's description of the UFO/paranormal ball of wax.

    Keel also warned enthusiasts about investigating ufos. He believed most ufo buffs truly didn't understand how serious and dangerous the subject was.

    ~ Susan

  11. Hello Again Anthony,

    I like your softer approach; it suits you better. First I want to correct a misperception that I neglected in my first response. I never 'predicted' a ship landing in Arizona in 1998. It was Richard C. Hoagland who was saying that and since I lived in that area of Arizona I naturally became part of his story. So your comparison between a UFO landing and a portal opening is flawed. And besides my naive friend, do you really believe that the public would actually learn of something so detrimental to maintaining the status quo if that indeed happened in 1998?

    You once again take several of my statements out of context. One needs to read my entire story at my web site. But I will say this much here. Though you are correct about my flirting with death, flirting is the key element. I believe that I will need to risk my life to accomplish my objective. I am willing to do that for what I believe. If it is results in my physical death, so be it. What I hope to accomplish is well worth the risk.
    I find it quite sad that people are more concerned about the physical act of a lawyer jumping off a rock than they are about the reasons for that decision. My beliefs have evolved over the years based upon new information and my web site (specifically the Countdown Journal) reflects my latest thinking. When you can articulate those reasons I will listen to any argument based upon any information on the web site. But then again how do you argue with a person's overwhelming faith?

    My family, friends, fellow attorneys, judges, and strangers are aware of my beliefs. More importantly, while they do not support or encourage them, they do respect my right to make those decisions that affect my life and death. And though you disagree with what I believe about the nature of this intelligently designed simulated reality - in my story it is consensual. Do you deny me my right of sovereignty?

  12. The following is a comment one of my colleague's posted on Duensing's blog. I am sure, in the interests of fairness, you have no objection to me also including it here. I have broken it into two parts to accommodate your HTML criteria.

    Part One:

    "As someone who knows Peter Gersten as a close friend, co-worker and fellow member of the State Bar of Arizona, who sees him almost daily, who has discussed his beliefs in depth over a period of years, and who is himself approaching 50 years of serious study (and experience) of anomalous phenomena, I suspect that I am in a somewhat better position than you to assess whether Peter is in need of professional help or mass efforts at dissuasion.

    In the first place, Peter has made quite clear that he does not know precisely what form his “leap of faith” will take. He intends to be at the appointed place (Bell Rock, Sedona) at the appointed time (11:11 UT on 12-21-2012) and allow his destiny to unfold as it will. If it is indeed a physical leap of faith and takes him off the edge of Bell Rock to his death rather than through a cosmic portal as he anticipates – well, frankly, so be it. Since the dawn of man, perfectly sane and rational people have willingly died for their beliefs. I happen to be a Christian; when the apostle Peter attempted to dissuade Jesus from going to His certain death, Jesus rebuked him sternly: “Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns.” I suspect Peter Gersten might have a similar response to your blog, along the lines of “Mind your own business, you who do not even know me and have made no effort to understand my beliefs.”

    Secondly, Peter’s beliefs have not suddenly blossomed out of the current 2012 frenzy. They have evolved over a period of many years. His concept of a leap of faith is mostly closely tied to a personal experience that occurred long before the 2012 frenzy. If you knew him at all, you would know that he has examined and refined his beliefs over a long period. This process, which I believe will continue right up until 11:11 on 12-21-2012, has included openly questioning whether he might indeed be delusional. He is well-aware of the Trickster aspect of all anomalous phenomena and of the numerous people who have embarrassed themselves (or worse) by taking “Guidance from the Beyond” too seriously. My point being, you are far off the mark if you believe that some sort of madness has suddenly possessed Peter and that he is acting precipitously."

  13. Part Two:

    "Lastly, to characterize Peter’s leap of faith as an act of suicide presupposes that we are in fact not living in a virtual reality and that a portal (whatever that may mean) is in fact not opening at Bell Rock at 11:11 on 12-21-2012. If I chose to die rather than renounce Christ, my death would likewise be viewed as an act of suicide by those who didn’t share my beliefs – but untold numbers of sane and rational Christians have made precisely this choice over the centuries. Every aspect of Peter’s belief system has at least some evidentiary basis. The notion that we exist within a cosmic software program is not even viewed as radical anymore. The notion that our reality is “corrupted” extends back to Genesis and beyond. The notion that December 21, 2012 is a date of potentially cosmic significance is shared by millions of people. Only the need for Peter to make a leap of faith at Bell Rock is unique and personal to Peter, and his beliefs in this regard are based on experiences that he finds to be evidentiary and compelling. While I might (and do) remind Peter to beware of the Trickster, I cannot say that he is “delusional,” “suicidal” or “needs help” any more than I could say this about my fellow Christians or about anyone else who seems to be sane and rational in all other aspects of his life but happens to attach controlling weight to his personal anomalous experiences.

    So who are you to attempt to dissuade Peter or urge others to attempt to do so??? You quite literally do not know who or what you are talking about. To the extent that I find your sesquipedalian ramblings intelligible at all, they strike me as more in the vein of self-promotion (associating yourself with Peter’s name and reputation) than as expressions of genuine concern. I sympathize with the death of your son, having recently lost a wife, but that has nothing to do with Peter. I also find it insulting and presumptuous that you would think that those of us who actually know Peter intimately would need advice from you as to how we should deal with him or react to his plans"

  14. PAG wrote: [pt.1] - "I happen to be a Christian; when the apostle Peter attempted to dissuade Jesus from going to His certain death, Jesus rebuked him sternly: “Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns.” ".....And from [pt.2] -
    "While I might (and do) remind Peter to beware of the Trickster, I cannot say that he is “delusional,” “suicidal” or “needs help” any more than I could say this about my fellow Christians or about anyone else who seems to be sane and rational in all other aspects of his life but happens to attach controlling weight to his personal anomalous experiences." - - -

    PAG, This is very interesting to me personally, as I struggle with my own beliefs.

    Do you think the Trickster is a different entity from Satan. If so, how?


    ~ Susan

  15. I believe that the 'other' intelligence/life form that coexists in our reality appears to us in many disguises and is known by many names. Satan, trickster, ET, Archons, fairies, elves - are just a few of the possibilities.

  16. Thank you Anthony for posting Lance's response to Deunsing remarks on his blog. Equalling enlightening for you and your readers is Susan Gordon's response which I am including below::

    "Not too many people have spent as much time with Peter as I have, since our relationship is now in it's tenth year. I've seen him at his best and his worst, his most private and public moments.

    For all his apparent quirkiness, Peter has been one of the most reliable, honest, generous, and caring people I've ever known. His New York personality and directness are a distinct contrast to my conservative Canadian upbringing, but we have figured each other out and certainly enjoy our time together.

    While I don't necessarily agree with all aspects of his impending leap of faith, it's his life, his beliefs, and his well-spoken argument that encourage me to first of all, listen to what he has to say, and secondly, remind myself that he is a self-actualized human adult who has the right to make his own decisions about what to do with his life.

    If that life does happen to end on 12-21-2012, I will be deeply saddened of course...but I don't want the responsibility of "stopping" him (impossible!), and then dealing with the consequences of what may happen to his personal affairs post-date. That's when he might really go crazy :)

    I have extreme compassion for those who have dealt with the death of a loved one at close hand. I've lost both parents in the past decade, and quickly realized after their passing that there is continued activity following physical death due to phenomenon that occurred in each situation.

    Personal experience with "the other side" has taught me to remain impartial as to the methods and timing a human soul chooses to enter and exit this plane of existence. Peter may have tapped in to something that many are still unaware of...or have their own paradigm for personal understanding. To each his own."

  17. As far as Bill Knell that one is a total scumbag without doubt. Arrested in Queens, NY back in 1984for the sale of over 1,000 unregistered .357 caliber hand guns but only got 3 years probation!

    John J. Ford while rather overtaken by "something" having crashed on Long Island, NY was not any assasin but most likely "set up" to take a fall some time after having been seriously injured in a car accident on the L.I. Expressway.

    At that time he was more interested in launching a large liability suit against B.Knell or Willian E. Knell for slander. That would be large enough to seize out of state assessments Knell was hiding from the many civil law suits filed against him without anything found in an almost empty checking account.

    Television producers, UFO researchers including a retired Hungarian military scientist, and countless others and now setting up scam sites selling pets continues until this news about child neglect.

  18. Bo;; Knell more recently has been writing blogs on different sites as well as setting up puppies for fun.com and azpuppies.com having previously seen his other UFO dvds for sale site shutdown.

    Knell was taking payment for no actual pets by people sending him Western Union telegram type payments for pets never there to begin with.

    For thos who read this simply run a search for Bill Knell at: pissedconsumer.com and consumercomplaints.com to see some of the extensive scams and complaints against him in more recent years dating back to 2004.

  19. Whoop! whoop! Yep, ufology dun drove me mad...