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The Children Who Bore Witness to Roswell: Their Tragic Stories Finally Revealed

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For many what was seen at Roswell cast a shadow the length of a lifetime. And for the two children who innocently happened on strange things fallen from the sky in 1947 that did not belong, their lifetimes were short. It is telling that the ‘first-on-the-scene’ witnesses to the unearthly crash materials were the ones who would say the very least. They were troubled by secrets that were held in their hearts and to their graves. The original and untainted witnesses were ranch manager Mac Brazel and two New Mexico boys, Dee Proctor and Vernon Brazel.

But suffer the children. And these two indeed suffered. Theirs is a story of silence and of suicide. It is a tortured tale of drink, divorce and dying young. It is an incredible account of stolen alien metal and of frightening threats to juveniles. And the brief but stunning confession of one of these Roswell child witnesses is related on the internet for the first time ever, here and now:


Mac Brazel (Vern’s Father)

Mac Brazel managed a ranch that was owned by twin brothers H.S. “Henry” Foster and J.B. “Jasper” Foster. Vernon was Mac’s son. Vern was 8 years old in 1947. Vernon is very rarely mentioned in the Roswell UFO crash saga. In fact, Vern is only mentioned once (and fleetingly) in only one edition of one of Roswell’s two newspapers at the time and in none of the newspapers in the country that carried the story. Only the Roswell Daily Record’s July 9th 1947 issue mentions the ranch man’s son and states in part: “Brazel related…that he and his 8 year old son came across the large area of wreckage…”

That is all that has ever been written about Vernon Brazel. And no one ever got to talk to him because he left New Mexico as soon as he legally could. And no one could find Vern Brazel because he changed his name and moved from state to state. And no one will ever be able to talk to Vernon Brazel because he shot himself young with a handgun, instantly ending his life with a bullet to his head.

This author learned from Loretta Proctor (neighbor to Mac Brazel) in conversations about four years ago, that Vernon was a very close friend with her son Dee, who was also there at the discovery of the crash scene. Dee was seven and Vern was eight. Both were what she called “little ranchers” who helped Mac with chores on weekends and during summers. When I first mentioned Vern’s name to Loretta, however, she snapped: “What do you know about Vern?” Loretta, who had always before been very accommodating and pleasant, startled me with the way in which she wanted to know how I knew of Vern. I then realized the reason for her alarming firmness. Loretta explained that after the crash, Vern “had adjustment problems, a hard time with the other kids” and became the brunt of jokes about his Dad’s unusual find. He wanted to get out of the state as soon as he was of age, Loretta learned. The story followed him wherever he went. Loretta told me that Vernon wound up changing his name and “wanted to get as far away from his identity and this State as he possibly could. He used the last name of Tannehill or Tunnecliffe, I believe. Something like that.” Loretta was to find out that after a brief stint in the US Navy, Vernon lived in many places including Montana, California and Virginia. But as far as Loretta knew, Vern never returned to New Mexico, “he never wanted those memories.” Roswell’s “little secret” about their “little rancher” was about to be told when I asked Loretta, “What became of Vern?” Loretta hesitated and replied, “Vern took a pistol and killed himself. Shot in the head. He was only in his 20s.” Shocked, and hearing what I thought was a suppressed weep, I could only say to her, “We both know why.” Loretta did not reply.

I wanted to confirm as much as I could about this remarkable information imparted to me by Loretta. And in fact, I was able to ascertain through military records that Vernon Brazel was a shipmate of the USS Hassayampa at its homeport in Pearl Harbor. Through the Social Security Death Index, I found that both California and Virginia were given as the last state of residence and as the state where the death certificate was issued. And he did pass in his 20s. All of this Loretta Proctor had told me. I felt almost guilty fact-checking her. This is because the ranch woman who has outlived her beloved son -and is now nearly a century old- has always proven to be a woman of truth.


Rare Photo of Dee Proctor (First in Top Row in White Cowboy Hat)

“Dee” Proctor was Loretta and Floyd Proctor’s son. Loretta does not like to talk about Dee in relation to the Roswell crash. And Dee most assuredly did not want to talk to anyone about it. For many decades the boy witness, even as a senior citizen, actively avoided any discussion of the topic. He literally hid from researchers. His dodging of them was extreme. Proctor neighbor John Tilley told me that in the 1980s, when he and Loretta were in her living room and he happened to mention the crash, he heard Dee in the kitchen (who was visiting his mother and eating breakfast) get up quickly and leave though the back door “like the house was on fire” thus eluding Tilley. John said to me, “I know why Dee didn’t pick up after himself after eating, which he always did at his Mother’s. It’s because he heard us discussing something he did not want to talk about.” Several researchers can relate accounts of Dee literally running from them, not wishing to talk about it in any way. Surely it would have been far, far easier for Dee to simply say that it was too long ago and that he was too young- rather than to flee and hide behind his mother Loretta. Even as a grown adult man he acted immaturely like a child.

Dee exhibited an extraordinary reluctance to discuss the incident throughout his life. He was also a lifelong alcoholic, but never drinking around his mother Loretta. In fact he was described to me by more than one as a “raging alcoholic” (including by a Deputy Clerk at the Lincoln County, NM Clerk’s office.) Dee was nearly hermetic, divorced and he was morbidly obese. He died at age 66 in January 2006 of a massive heart attack while driving to a Ruidoso ranch.

Dee was known to have been at the crash site with Mac at the time of its first discovery. It is very telling that Mac did not tell reporters that Dee was there. He was clearly protecting the boy. Everyone did, including Dee’s mother, Loretta and father, Floyd. In fact it would never have been known that Dee was even at the crash at all had not researchers Kevin Randle and Don Schmitt been informed that the boy was there by Proctor friends and neighbors, including Tommy Tyree. Loretta and her late husband Floyd never offered that Dee was there at the crash site with Mac and Vern (despite prior interviews with researchers.) She only admitted to Dee being at the site when it was clear that she could not deny it. Loretta told me that Dee “worked” for Mac at the grand rate of 25 cents per day on weekends and during Summers. Dee, she is certain, returned home by the weekend that first week in July because she remembers having told Mac that she wanted Dee home for the July 4th weekend festivities. This is why the July 2/3 crash date is the most likely.

Dee never offered to discuss with others what he knew. He would let his mother Loretta do the talking for him. I asked Loretta what Dee saw. She used the same fall-back line that she has used with other researchers over the years: “Well, Dee was just a boy, he don’t really remember that at all. He was just a kid.” Knowing that she used that excuse before with others, I pressed her: “Loretta, Dee may have been just a boy when it occurred, but you surely remember what he told you at the time when he returned home. You were 33 at the time.” Loretta, for the first and only time in the discussions that I had with her, changed the subject so artfully and so quickly that I nearly forgot that I had asked the question.

Dee Proctor, Age 3 (in Middle on Horseback)

Dee could ride horse, Loretta said, from a very young age. He loved going to the Foster Ranch to help Mac and the two would ride together. I believe that it is distinctly possible that it was adventuresome young Dee Proctor who first found the site and first laid eyes on the debris. Loretta told me that Dee would often “go off on his own ahead of Mac, which worried Mac.”


Dee talked to only one “outsider” about the crash event, and then only by “accident.” And his mother Loretta spoke only once about details that Dee told her about the site. We now realize that Dee Proctor is to be considered an historical figure who saw what none of us ever will. But it was a “privilege” that Dee never sought and a sight he wished that he had never seen.

Dee was with Brazel when he first discovered the debris field. But he was also with Brazel, he told his mother Loretta, when he discovered “something else” at another site 2-1/2 miles to the east that left him deeply traumatized for the rest of his life. He never told her exactly what he saw there but he did take her to the location in 1994 saying, "Here is where Mack found something else."

The only other time that it is known that Dee spoke of the event was by “accident.” Author and researcher Kevin Randle indicates that on two occasions in the 1990s, when phoning for Loretta Proctor, her son Dee had answered. Realizing that these would be “missed opportunities” not to talk to Dee directly, Kevin engaged him both times in very brief conversation before Dee’s mother got to the phone. Dee quickly and reluctantly confirmed to Kevin some astounding information:

- He was indeed with Mac at the crash site that week in July of 1947 and remembers it
- Military authorities had come to “visit” him to discuss the crash
- He and Mac came upon a large field of metal-like debris: remnants of a craft
- He did not believe the material that he saw to be from earth or made by man
- He said that he later took some friends out with him to later visit the site

This last item is confirmed by Roswell resident Sydney "Jack" Wright, who told researchers Tom Carey and Don Schmitt that two sons of rancher Thomas Edington and one of rancher Truman Pierce’s daughters got to "the other location." This author is currently trying to locate the Edington sons and the Pierce daughter.

Dee’s confirmation that he was visited by military authorities is supported by a confidential contact of noted researcher and author Nick Redfern. Mr. Redfern indicates that he had learned something about Dee Proctor in the late 1980s from an elderly, dying man who had been a US intelligence asset with a legal background. Nick explained that the man was “utterly disgusted” by something that he had been made privy to during the course of conducting an investigation that concerned citizens rights violations by intelligence agents in New Mexico. The man told Nick that he had found out that: Dee Proctor had “the fear of God put in him” by brow-beating operatives when he was visited by them following the crash. He was visited at least twice later when he was grown and he was “issued veiled warnings about speaking out as an adult.” Nick notes astutely: “As a child he was by definition a wild card, and someone deeply involved, but who obviously did not have the mindset of an adult when it occurred, and who was therefore of some concern to the military.” Redfern further adds: “And hence why this case was an awkward one from the military perspective. Giving the rough treatment to a rancher would not be so hard. Doing likewise to a very young kid would hardly be what soldiers would want as the highlight of their career.” So what was the “something else” that Nick’s source told him that Dee had seen?

Body parts.



In the Summer of 2011 Loretta Proctor’s niece Kay went to visit her Aunt. Kay was accompanied by her friend Jules and they recorded the Roswell crash recollections of the nonagenarian. Speaking of the widely-reported “memory metal” that came from the UFO crash scene and that was seen by many witnesses, Loretta made a jaw-dropping statement. Jules says that with a “measure of smiling venom” Loretta said of her son Dee, “A certain little brat kept it (some memory metal) hidden away his whole life.” The “reminder” visits that Dee received throughout his life were warning visits that Dee should not only never utter a word, but that if he had the memory metal -or knows where pieces may be- he was always under watch and they would always know where he was and what he was doing.


The two Roswell children who found the UFO crash site were the first human beings in history to lay eyes upon the Extraterrestrial and things not made on Earth. Both of them –Dee and Vern- never spoke publicly about the event for as long as they lived. One of them ran from researchers and one ran from life itself. Both had “issues” that seemed insurmountable following the crash event- and both died young , keeping a burden that ultimately proved too difficult for either to bear. In their deaths they remind me of another who was Roswell-involved. The Roswell Base Chaplain Hankerson told his children repeatedly and trance-like on his deathbed, “ too much knowledge can be a very bad thing.”



  1. Tony:

    You have let your emotions run away in this one. And your logic is all at sea.

    You say they both died young but then say one became a senior citizen and died at 66.

    You say Dee was at the ranch with Brazel. He was not - it was Vernon and sister Bessie who were. All right I concede the newspaper might have got it wrong, but who would you rather believe , the contemporary account or the distant memories of someone decades afterwards?

    Your piece is full of emotion and almost tears, almost as if you (and everyone you spoke to) knows the two boys were privy to a great secret and never talked about it, and possibly died because of the effects of it.

    Why can't you take a more balanced look at things? Do you really know anything about their subsequent lives, their friends, their jobs, their marriages, their kids and such? You do not. You just assume this one event was at the back of everything. Incredible.

    Two small kids of 7 and 8 would NOT be affected in the way you describe; neither would they be threatened by the military either whilst kids or when grown up years later.

    Dee did NOT possess the memory metal you like to think he did. "A certain little brat kept it hidden away his whole life". OK, where is it now? I will retract my remarks if you can locate it. Think what a boost this would be for the 'Dream Team'.

    Sorry, but you'll have to do better than this.

  2. Thanks Frank!

    Seems were "cross posting" on Bragalia Files and on Iconoclasts...

    1) This piece is by me, not the "team" and is not an "official" release by the team- it is my sole effort.

    2)I consider 66 a young age to die.

    3)You have emotions CDA, that you can sense mine?

    4) How dare you say that I "really know nothing" about there lives? I have spent the last two years finding out! The day, CDA, that you pick up the phone or visit a witness is the day that you can tell me that I "really know nothing."

    5) Are you a parent CDA? How dare you say that children would not be affected in a certain way by such things. And your declaration that there were no threats is simply that- a declaration. It is you, CDA, who "knows nothing."

    6) Were you a child CDA? Are you now that old that you are entirely unable to remember being a kid? The curiosity of young boys was great- then and now. Kids go to find abandoned houses to play in, they are first to any kind of "scene" in their neighborhood and they "take" things- that's what boys do. It was very evident to me from the very beginning that if anyone possessed debris, it was the kids!


  3. For your information, Tony, I am a parent and a grandparent.

    I am contributing nothing more on this blog about Roswell or any other topic. This is no reflection on you, but I am sick and tired of going through the verification procedure at the end. It is bad enough to decipher one short word, but two longish ones is the end for me. The last one caused me 5 attempts to get it accepted. No I am not a robot.

    Maybe you'll be that much happier now!


  4. Howdy,

    This is quite an interesting development in the Roswell case. Let me just say this. I knew Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr when he lived here in Helena, Montana and I went to high school with his son in the 80's. They lived right down the block from where I grew up. We never did discuss the Roswell incident at that time and for a very good reason that I'll keep to myself. The name Tannehill is one I know very well too from my younger day's. Is it possible that Vern Brazel had any kids when he was using the Tannehill name? If so, I would know of at least one of them although it's been years since I have seen her. I'm not sure if she still lives here or not. This is very odd for me, I have to admit. The Marcel's are very nice and kind folks and I don't want to dig up anything that is painful for them or that would anger them or that is none of my business. Same with the Tannehill family, but I am interested in finding out if the Tannehill's I know are the same ones that are being spoken of in this article. Wow, it really IS a small world. I never dreamed something like this might come up. - Thanks

  5. cda said...
    “Two small kids of 7 and 8 would NOT be affected in the way you describe; neither would they be threatened by the military either whilst kids or when grown up years later”.
    “Dee did NOT possess the memory metal you like to think he did”.

    cda - We are curious: How do you proclaim both of your statements above to be indisputable facts?

  6. Anna- I am glad that you asked CDA that question. Thank you.

    Yes! Vern did have two children that he left fatherless. I left this out hoping that someone like yourself would come forward! He changed his name to Tannehill. Please keep in touch if you learn anything.


  7. Sir,

    Your concern for these two boys is sincerely felt.

    One place this piece may have over-stated the facts is where it says.

    "The two Roswell children who found the UFO crash site were the first human beings in history to lay eyes upon the Extraterrestrial and things not made on Earth."

    That is not known with certainty. The Cape Girardeau, MO crash of 1941, certainly exposed some humans to alien beings and material. Similarly claims of the 1942 Los Angeles "attack" may have resulted in crashes, a possibility mainly hinted at. Of course, if an prior visitations have occurred (as suggested by art objects, cave paintings, etc., those, too would suggest humans cast eyes on alien artifacts and personages before these two poor kids on the ranch Mac Brazel ran.

    Otherwise a satisfying bit of history you've offered. Thanks for recounting it.

  8. I wanted to drop a quick note to mention that I sincerely believe there is much more yet to uncover, and believe it or not, there are still live witnesses who are only now offering/willing to come forward. My family and I attended last year's Roswell UFO Festival as vendors (during which I learned to STRONGLY urge everyone not to support the City of Roswell, the Museum, the director there, and certainly not the Festival).

    That, however, is a totally different discussion. My wife and I were absolutely startled when a very insistent older gentleman approached us and stated he and his sister had been keeping a secret for 64 years and was now wanting to discuss their details before they "died from old age". The gentleman spoke with coherence, appropriate articulation for a man of his years, and appeared totally convinced he was telling nothing but truth. Having had a limited amount of journalistic experience coupled with an over-sized curiosity and desire to delve into the realm of UFO research, I offered to assist in any way I could, but suggested that he probably should speak with some of the established and respected researchers attending the event. It seems the rapport built with the man was mutual, and he decided to share the details with me first.

    His story?

    He and his sister witnessed the crash from a realistic and believable distance. He provided much generic information that could be common knowledge, even if one were to assume neither were literate or capable of absorbing anything other than cursory information for the past several decades. However, he also gave additional, and, as far as we can find, new facts that I have since spent a good amount of time researching to determine validity as much as possible. I had certainly hoped to be able to finish that due diligence long before now, but seeing your article reminds me that time is always short. I placed a call to his home just a moment ago with no answer. I will continue to call until I get his permission, and then I would very much like for anyone interested to hear his story. He is a very "gentle" and unfortunately fragile with age man. He certainly would have little to gain from heaping a potentially disastrous amount of negative attention onto himself, but as mentioned, he fears he may not have long to tell the story. It should be noted his stated reason for anonymity over a seven decade period of time is consistent and similar to those given by other possible witnesses. The presence of a real or perceived threat. He repeatedly stated his family was lead to believe that to discuss their knowledge was dangerous to others in the family as well as themselves. He further claimed to have witnessed a disturbing and prevailing amount of intimidation around the town and it's citizens when this was new. I can sincerely say that as of this time, I have yet to uncover anything he has disclosed that can be labeled as dishonest or provable as false in any way. So far, all I have heard has been fully verifiable, or at the very least within the realm of possibility. In fairness and ethical consideration, I must mention I will have to go back through notes and communications with researcher Dennis Balthauser to see if he has rights to the story for helping with this and other issues last year. Regardless, thanks for the informative article, and I will return soon with either additional information or details regarding how and where to find it.

    Hopefully, as a community we can help this kind man and his sister add another useful piece to the puzzle.

  9. I worked for Dee in the late 80's into the early 90's while I was in high school at Corona. I enjoyed my time with him and he only talked once about that day. He had not been drinking, we had been out checking sheep after a cold snap in August, he looked at me and said that it was real and they are real. Loretta often talked about the metal but Dee never mentioned it.

  10. Hi Sam- Thanks much for this story. I would be very interested to learn more. If Dennis has the 'exclusive' and is working on this...I sincerely hope that he makes the information available. Feel free to leave an additional follow up when you can!

    Hi Anonymous- Thank you too for this 'tidbit.' Fascinating what Dee intimated to you. Very interesting bit of information!


  11. Ahthomy Bragalia I read a story on the blog Pantoms and Monsters last year of two more child witnesses 9 and 12 at the time you can contact Lon Stricker at lonstricker@phantomsand to look up the story as ask him about it. Also there was a story on his blog about a 400 million year find of manufacture objects found in the Kamchatka pennisular posted March 8th you might what to look into that story as well. Thank you for this important story well done.

  12. When I was very young I overheard a conversation of a man whose parents had a horse ranch there in Rosewell and he grew up there. I was not very interested in what I over heard as it meant nothing to me. This man and his family were friends with Peter Heard the New Mexico artist and he disturbuted his art work during the 1960s. I know he was very distressed when he was talking. He said that there was a craft that crashed and it had a metal that could be crushed and then it would reconstitute itself. It was a solid metal that was as light as aluninum foil but stronger. The aluninum foil analogy are my words but the light metal description are his exact words.I believe a piece of it was taken into someones living room and the reconstituting quality of itnwas observed over and over again. This is what I can remmember but the conversation was about 1968 or 1969. I do not consider the man to be a liar. He worked for Convair in the 60s.He was a good trusted family friend.

  13. Hi Merk-

    Thanks for relating this. It is intriguing to say the least that you had heard talk of Roswell-like Memory metal in the 1960s! I would be appreciative if there was a way to get a hold of you if you can provide further details on this lead.


  14. Hi Anthony

    The emotional trauma which you describe in these two kids is not a new story to me. During World War 2 my father was a junior officer in the Army Airforce stationed in the Southwest United States. Many years ago when my brothers and I were very young men and on an occaision when Dad was well in his cups, he related a story.

    I believe it happened at Carlsbad. The early radar of the time was deployed and and picked up UFOs on the screen. Fighters were scrambled and managed to close on the objects. They were then ordered to fire and they did so. Then they diappeared.

    I seem to remember mention of a ground search which yielded no results.

    I do remember Dad's emotional state as being distant as he unburdened himself after so many years. Several days later the base was visited by some guys in suits from Washington. The officers were adressed as a group then individually and strictly cautioned that the whole incident
    was graded Top Secret. Any discussion to anyone would result in prosecution for Treason with a harsh penalty up to and including Death ( The country was still at war and this was a military setting ).

    The fighter pilots shared the bunk room with my father. Their personal effects were taken, their matresses rolled up. The remaining officers were advised that the men had never existed.

    Out of respect for my father I will only say that we had a toubled home, and each of the kids had a journey through depression and confusion.

    Hope this adds to your info.

    1. Hi Anonymous-

      Thanks for sharing the story of your father's UFO encounter. Sounds like it was of such significance to him that it in some way affected him throughout his life. I hope everyone in your family finds peace.


  15. I was also raised on a ranch close to the Roswell crash site, my entire life as a child was lived around this story. My father told a story of having seen several small beings, and that one was still alive for a time. We were told always never to talk about this to anyone. This was close to the area where the first atomic bomb was launched, where area 51 first existed. My parents often talked about the aliens and the Atomic bomb incident. YES it effected all our lives and STILL does. Many died young because of these 2 incidents!

  16. Hi Marie-

    Anthony Bragalia here. The information that you relate rings true. Would you be open to contacting me privately by email? I can assure you of anonymity if that is what you desire. My email is


    1. My grandfather's aunt Lou lived in Roswell and her husband was in the Army during the events of the Roswell incident. Several years ago, while they were all still alive, I was told that her husband had several pieces of the aluminum-type metal that he kept in his garage. She said when it was crumpled up she would lay it on the table and it would straighten out by itself, just like new. I hardly thought of it at the time, but then when I wanted to know more, I asked and was told that when her husband passed away she had hired some company to come out and clean up all the 'crap' in the garage as she was going to sell her place. It hadn't occurred to her to look for metal pieces from so long ago, so they were gone. I've always wondered what would it be like to find them. To know that they are buried in a landfill near Roswell is interesting. rob

  17. I always find reading the different stories interesting.
    I do filter out certain items, having been to the area.
    First th site is nearer to Corona than Roswell. Leaving Corona you leave behinda the populated area and still go about 10 more miles before you turn right on a county road. You encounter no houses for maybe 6 or 7 miles and you come to a sign indicating Proctor ranch. Going on down the road for about 10 more miles are some more dirt roads going to a water trough. If you kapt going straight you will cross an Air Strip. You need to go back to one of the dirt roads and down it a ways is the site. At this time you have traveled about 17 miles on dirt roads. Keep in mind these are still dirt roads after 65 years of use.
    Think of the year 1947, the cars being much less reliable I had to drive about 25 MPH on the good parts of the road, back then I cant even imagine how fast they would drive.
    Brazel's living quarters was a one room line shack, no running water, a pot bellied stove for cooking and heat, just the bare necesities.
    This was in 2006, in 1947 the children would have just been getting out of school and for Brazzel's children to have been living with him, he would have had to have driven a round trip of @200 mies, as his wife and fmily did not live on the job site.
    Mac was a sheep herder and he was paid to take care of them.
    I was extremly fortunate on my trip, I traveled 1200 miles from Vallejo, CA going to Roswell. Stopping for breakfast, asking if the waitress nkew anything about the crashsite, was told to ask the owner at the gas station. She had only came to get the days receipts and then leave. She directed me to stop at the Hodge place @7 miles from town.
    I actually met Loretta Proctor, My not being a trained interviewer I did not have many questions so I just recorded Loretta telling all about the incident.
    Ive been to Roswell 3 times now and one thing stands out. They are not telling you to believe a UFO crashed, their convinced something did happen. Recient disclousers indicate it most probally was a ufo.
    On thing never ceases to amaze me, Why dont we see more videos with the actual witnesses telling their story?? I have over 40 minutes of Loretta telling the facts, not what someone said.