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Anomalous Green Fireball Filmed From Space
(NASA AS07-5-1613)
Nature provides man with wondrous atmospheric displays from comets to the Northern Lights. As awe-inspiring and infrequent as these phenomena are, they all have prosaic origins as explained by science. Much less understood (and far more rare) are the enigmatic Green Fireballs. The Green Fireball is often associated with historical sightings that occurred in areas like the State of New Mexico and near our National Laboratories, such as Sandia and Los Alamos. These unusually-behaved luminous balls of ethereal green were very different from conventional meteors and were seen to perform extraordinary aerial feats during the late 1940s and early 1950s. Military and intelligence authorities at that time even had a top-secret project called “Twinkle” whose objective was to trace the mysterious green fireballs plaguing Southwest skies in particular. Then for some inexplicable reason, appearances of the green balls of fire tapered down and “winked out.”
Or did they?
- Revealed here are remarkable images (recently found buried within NASA space footage archives) of a Green Fireball that seems to “follow” our astronauts
- Striking and exceeding rare film has been located, also taken from space, where one can vividly see the strange Green Fireballs doing the impossible: exiting the earth’s atmosphere rather than entering it
- High definition, non-hoaxed film taken this past Spring (with link below) clearly depicts a slow, “watchful” Green Fireball passing above excited witnesses for several minutes- not seconds. The object is comprised of matter but displays a luminous halo of “energy” and seems to change shape into a “diamond.”
- Documented recent reports referenced here that have been filed of Green Fireballs that wildly morph their appearance and “pace” their observers
The glowing green balls are now exhibiting behavior so distinctly unnatural and never-before-seen that the conclusion draws near: Some of this phenomenon is intelligent and it is evolving in its revealed capability. It is able to mimic nature while traversing at will above us with a purpose unknown.
Of course astronomers recognize the term “Green Fireballs” in conventional terms as naturally-occurring atmospheric events. Infrequently, shooting meteors of sufficient mass and velocity can create a “shockwave” hot enough to produce a Green Fireball. It is a cosmic phenomena associated with the color green that is caused in part by ionized oxygen (and is similar in color to that of a green aurora.) Recent research at Queensland University points to a possible connection to “ball lightning” electrical phenomenon as well. Sightings of most all such Green Fireballs can be accounted for in these (largely) understood, prosaic ways.
Only very occasionally ever filmed clearly, here we see a conventional “shooting” Green Fireball over Ocean Shores in 2008, towards the very end of this 44 second clip (incorrectly titled “UFO Green Fireball”- as it is indeed a green meteor):

“Conventional” Shooting Green Fireball Clip

A “conventional” Green Fireball is very simply a mass of stony or metallic matter that has fallen to earth from outer space. As can be seen in the above clip, it appears as a transient, fiery streak, otherwise known as a “falling star.”
But there are a core of sightings of Green Fireball-like phenomena that are distinctly different than conventional fireballs or green meteors - and that elude conventional explanation. It is this phenomenon that does not appear to find its origin with the realm of known atmospheric or celestial events. This unknown phenomenon was first noted officially and scientifically in 1948. Such illustrious scientists as astronomer Dr. Lincoln LaPaz (who was also involved in the Roswell crash investigation in 1947 according to multiple credible sources) initiated Green Fireball investigations utilizing expensive monitoring equipment (including an installation placed only 30 miles from the Roswell crash-involved Foster Ranch.) So concerned was the military that such sightings were occurring near rocketry and nuclear sites that a top secret conference was organized about the issue and attended by luminaries including Dr. Edward Teller. Opinions were divergent and studies, inconclusive.
In 1965 LaPaz privately confided to the Air Force’s Dr. J. Allen Hynek of Project Blue Book his last known word on the flying green balls: LaPaz was sure that certain fireballs’ anomalous characteristics were never really understood by himself or by officials- and that they did not behave like normal meteorites- and were most probably “artificial” in their origin. Despite best efforts, a certain class of Green Fireballs resisted all attempts at sustained filming and at determining trajectory- or in ever recovering any expected celestial debris. We have learned that this class of “artificial” Green Fireball phenomenon displays essential differences from “conventional” green meteors:
- They favor and cluster in specific geographic areas and sometimes near highly-sensitive locations
- They appear episodically and even seem to “leave” us all together, only to reveal themselves again years later
- They do not emit smoke trails (but sometimes have unusual ‘tails’)
- They change direction and angle of travel (sometimes sharply and abruptly, unlike conventional “shooting” meteoric phenomena)
- They have no impact sites and have never left any evidence of any type of their descent to earth
- They do not always “shoot” or dart quickly, as they can also change their speed- and can sometimes maneuver far more slowly than meteors and other entering cosmic debris
- They can possess “lime green” colorations that are not consistent with known celestial phenomena
These anomalous characteristics left LaPaz and others forever perplexed. One can only wonder what they might think of their even more incredible aerial behavior today, documented on film:
- They travel impossibly upward and outward through our atmosphere and into space
- They follow and track our astronauts
- They can hover silently and with precision and even appear to even “watch” their observers
- They can morph their shape

Green Fireball Film Found Buried in NASA Archives
In scouring the deepest recesses of official NASA archived images online, located were photos and film of the Green Fireball taken from space that to my eyes are nothing short of astounding. And I was equally astounded that at least one other has also found the same thing.
In May of this year researcher Wilbur Allen spoke at a small conference which featured a call-in from his friend, Moon-walker Dr. Edgar Mitchell. Mr. Allen (who has professional interest in photography and was once employed as a White House engineer) delivered a presentation that included a brief segment of film that somehow made its way passed NASA censors. The film, taken by Apollo 7 in 1968, has been discovered to include clear moving images of a Green Fire Ball that is exitingnot entering- the Earth’s atmosphere. Further, it careens into space and is photographed by the astronauts! Allen notes yet another astronaut-filmed image of a Green Fireball in space which has received very little notice involving Buzz Aldrin- a man whose comments on ET have been both full of hints and contradictions. Allen also provides a striking comparative analysis of green fireballs using a solarization imaging technique.
You can see this very-little-viewed film here now, with the relevant portion beginning at about 1:58 of this 8 minute clip. It is best seen in a darkened room, full-screen at a minimally 480p quality resolution:
Green Fireball Filmed by NASA Exiting Earth

Below is a clear, still image of the Green Ball. (Excuse the crude box used to highlight the object. The NASA original is a much larger image not suitable to show here due to space constraints):

Incredible Still Image of Green Fireball Taken by NASA


Screen Cap of Strange Green Fire Ball
For several minutes on October 9th, 2011, an excited Chicagoan and friends filmed a Green Fireball (that also morphed into a diamond-shape.) Shot clearly in 300X zoom, the resulting footage shows in astounding detail a flying Green Ball which possesses some kind of defined structure and which appears comprised of matter as well as a sort of high-state “energy.” The luminous aerial wonder changes shape and appears in ethereal green colors, encircled by a halo which is the hue of an ‘electric violet.’ The flight pattern is intentional and slow enough to be filmed for minutes- not seconds. See it yourself here in a little-mentioned 8-minute film, best viewed full-screen at minimally 480p quality resolution. You may wish to turn down the accompanying distracting ambient music:

Morphing Green Fireball into “Diamond”- Filmed in High Def Last Year

A review of Green Fireball UFOs reported to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) shows that sightings of such phenomenon are on the rise and that their performance capabilities are evolving. Two notable, documented examples:
- In January of 2012 (MUFON Case # 34457) in New Mexico (a state long favored by the Green Fireballs) witnesses sighted one descending toward them. Then remarkably, its position suddenly changed to one of flying level. It then morphed its shape from a fireball into a slightly shiny V-shaped object and out of view! This is reminiscent of the filmed October 2011 episode above, where the “ball” becomes a “diamond” shape.
- In March of 2010 (MUFON Case # 22579) we learn of a report filed by a married couple in Florida who are described as “astronomy fans” who have seen many meteors. This green one however, was markedly different. They were surprised at how utterly slow the object moved as it passed closely by them (at about the speed of a single engine prop airplane) and that its brightness never wavered.
The Great Green Fireball is curious of us. Fleeting and ever furtive, it is secretive and evasive. It lets us glimpse it (and now even film it) but it never lets us “get it” to touch it. This is was Dr. LaPaz’ very lament. As he said, “it was not natural.” It acts with aptitude. It comprehends and it discerns. We can speculate that it is a sentient ball of light, a probe, a craft. But we cannot be sure. The only thing that is really certain is that the phenomena is real- and that its secrets will be revealed to us only if and when it ever wishes to do so.



  1. "They travel impossibly upward and outward through our atmosphere and into space"

    Tony, I just got some pages I was missing from the second issue of Fate Magazine, Kenneth Arnold's article "Are Space Visitors Here", so I haven't had time to study it. I don't know if Arnold knew about the Green Fireballs (the objects in the article are referred to as 'blue'), however, Arnold wrote about the reports that the "meteor" was travelling upwards and not down.

    "A military aircraft reporting to the Seattle office said it had seen the brilliant light over Walla Walla, Washington, at about 11,000 feet.

    However, the pilot said the terrific light seemed to come from the ground rather than flying toward the earth."

    I think this event was 12/30/1947. Arnold's list of characteristics includes "(4) The statement that the explosion "seemed to start from the ground like a ball of fire" and that there was "smoke on the ground", none in the middle, and then "smoke at the height of the column". This separate observation from the air checks with the observation from the ground. The pilot who saw it was 12,000 feet in the air and in a position to see whether the "projectile" was going up or coming down.

    I haven't internalized the Green Fireball phenomenon, so I don't know if the event Arnold wrote about has been explained. You may be interested in reading it.



  2. Thanks Don...I will check out this Arnold information of which I was previously unaware..


  3. Completely unconvincing article, very thin.

    And using footage from "guttergawker" from his You Tube account?

  4. Thanks Professor Anonymous. "Very thin" sounds like a phrase a professor would use in reviewing a submitted student paper. This is a blog entry not a book. And the Chicagoan is "accessible."

  5. Anyone familiar with Heavy Metal The Movie would therefore know this is the fabled Loknar... ;)


  6. I have seen the 'green fireball' in Montana. The news said there was to be a meteor shower, so I was watching the sky in the morning just before noon. I had an associate with me. I saw this green fireball come from the west in a parallel trace on the horizon. Then it went into this small cloud and vanished. It never came out. I asked my associate what that green fireball was. He said he was glad that I had seen it also.

  7. Keeping in mind the possibility of a film emulsion problem, what response did you get when you asked the NASA JSC photo office, or the actual astronaut who took the photographs, Walt Cunningham? Wouldn't that seem to be a required investigative step?

    -- Jim Oberg

  8. Hi Jim-

    Thanks for reading the piece and for the excellent suggestion. Walt Cunningham is now 80. He is still active as a business man, according to online bios. Do you have an email for him by chance?

    As an aside, one of his business interests, Genesis Fund Ltd. was being investigated for Ponzi scheme-like activity in 2005.


  9. I have been hit by one. In Beverly Mass 1997 by the roller skating rink. It was so bright green I was paralyzed as it swam slowly across the street like a flying tadpole and hit me in the face. I thought it was a lightning ball and being on my skateboard saved my life because the rubber tires. I know now that they are alien probes sent down from a mother ship to investigate our nuclear capacities and defenses as well as to study our behavior. I think we need to get rid of nuclear weapons that could be so powerful that they affect the aliens planets or dimensions, or the aliens may view us as a threat and eliminate humanity as we know it. I feel comfortable in the fact that they do not wish to destroy us or they would have already done so. However we must tread carefully as we are being watched closely. I sometimes think of seeing a hypnotist to remember more of that night when i was hit but I'm afraid I might remember something I do not wan't to remember. Minutes after I was hit by the green fireball a strange man who was sweating profusely and really red looking like a bad sunburn was insisting that I get in the car with him. He looked really uncomfortable in his skin like it was just a sweaty costume. I think he may have been alien and I sometimes wonder would my life be different if I had got in with him. Would I have been shown out of this world experiences or maybe I would of been studied and prodded. I have so many questions but the more I research the more questions I ask myself. And I can see probes visiting Los Alamos and other military installations, but why beverly massachusetts and why me? Any information you might have for me or if the us government would like to pick my brain (safely please) contact me at mikemarchelli@gmail.com I think I am finally ready to know the truth. And yes I can keep top secret info secret I wan't to help figure this out and make sure the earth is not in danger. I love america and I also love intelligent lifeforms so I hope we can figure this all out without an interstellar war in which we would almost certainly lose sigh.

  10. I saw a green fireball at 3;15 am on March 16, 2008, in NM it changed speed and direction 3 times. full report at MUFON website

  11. Seen one come from ground level and fly upwards during the early morning hours. In Oklahoma btw.