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Throughout the 2000’s scores of people from Mexico to Arizona to China witnessed (and in many instances videotaped) strange “flying people” in the skies above them. The phenomenon (dubbed “flying humanoids” by media) has continued to perplex those who have observed and researched them. These flying beings have bodies that in many respects resemble those of humans, but they are distinguished from us by often taking the form of a flying robot or even to appear witch-like.

What is this flying entity who has been filmed?  An alien who is traversing our atmosphere without his saucer? An ET-related black ops project? Perhaps an angel without wings? Or are flying ‘superheroes’ (beings with superhuman skills) real?

All of these have been offered up from different quarters as possible answers. But the solution to the mystery is in fact far more down-to-earth, and is revealed here and now:


IThe flying humanoids have been visually recorded by dozens of individuals over the past decade or so. Three of the more striking examples of these recordings follow:
The Famous 2007 Monterrey, Mexico Flying Witch
The 2000 Mexico City and the 2005 Phoenix, AZ Flying Humanoids


RC, Remote Control (or Radio Control) technologies for hobbyists are bigger business than most people realize. Everything from toy trucks and boats to kites and UFO-like craft can be remote controlled. And astounding advances in remote signal and digital technology (combined with advances in flight stabilization and control) have allowed for silent hovering, extreme vertical takeoff and other remarkable flight maneuvers.
But in the past decade or so, a considerably large group of hobbyists have been experimenting with unusually configured RC aerials- including those that are human-shaped.
Today they are whole underground online communities that bring together RC hobbyists with a special interest in unique craft configurations.
This author has penetrated private, password protected websites hosted offshore with forums that discuss such things as techniques for enhanced flight performance and secrets to faking anomalous aerial effects and UFOs!
The following two jaw-dropping and revealing short videos finally give us the graphic and definitive answer to the mystery provided by these remarkable Human-Shaped RC Flyers:
The Flying People above New York
RC Superhero


Plato once noted: “We ought to fly away from earth to heaven as quickly as we can. To fly away is god-like, as far as is possible.”

Pink Floyd in “Learning to Fly” sings: “Can’t keep my eyes from the circling skies; tongue-tied and twisted, just an earth-bound misfit, I.” 

And just like the Socorro UFO hoaxers were young males who are of college/post-college age, those behind the Flying Humanoid phenomena are techno-nerdy, earth-bound misfits.

Man’s yearning to soar unencumbered by an aerial vehicle, free of any special suit or device, is reflected in our dreams. We fly away from the world’s troubles to soar above with freedom and joy.

These geeky Men of Remote Control have given loft to man’s fundamental wish- to fly.



  1. Hi Anthony
    As an RC Hobbyist myself and UFO enthusiast,
    I can't necessarily agree that all of these flying humanoid encounters are created by RC flyers pulling pranks. In fact, in all of my time of RC flying (mostly planes, hovercrafts, jets, copters, etc) I've never seen a flying humanoid RC craft. For one thing, I don't think they are easy to build, and require semi expensive building materials. Only very recently (in the past 5-10 years) have the RC components become more powerful and easily accessable. Most of the flyers I know are guys in their 70's and 80's - and they spend time building recreations of WWII and WWI craft. I'm not discounting the fact that one or two of these sightings could have been done by RC construction (same as the UFO phenomenon) but probably the majority of them are something else.

  2. Not that I buy into the whole "flying humanoid" thing in the first place, but I think it would be safer to say in this article that a POSSIBLE solution is being suggested [though I think it is also safe to say that the theory is by no means a new one].
    Just because you have seen some youtube clips of similar things [posted AFTER the original videos in question were posted] does not prove that your "theory" is the end all be all.

    Do I think that it was RC type flying machines? Most probably.
    Do I think that this article sheds any more information on this case? Not one iota...

    Indrid Cold

  3. would rather read of the progress which your Roswell Dream Team is making...

  4. Hi Tony. I definitely think some of the ones made popular are radio controlled balloon devices, as there is no noise associated with some of them.

    I found myself watching the video footage from the 1960s era RYAN VTOL tests by the Army. Quite amazing to think how old that footage is.

    Thanks for the post.


  5. By god Anthony y'like y'sweeping statements don't y'u!

    I'm jus' try'n'o work do y'u write these things pissin' y'self laughin' knowin' all the hair'll be standin' on end as certain parties read these things or're y'just goin' for the shock value approach of guerilla marketing...?

    ...oscillating somewhere between the two I suspect.

  6. BS.
    "Password protected, offshore RC hobby website" ?
    No. All BS.
    Pls post a link or web addy to just 1 of these imaginary web forums.

  7. What a crock of shit!

  8. Josh-
    Thanks for your input. Yes, certainly not every single such sighting can be accounted for by these RC Human Shaped Planes. But some of the more well known filmed sightings most certainly can be. The Flying People Over NY video shows still images at the very end that are identical to videos stills of flying humanoids.

    Anonymous 1-
    Your comment is contradictory. You agree that the are most probably RC, but then say that the article does not shed light on that.

    Bob Koford-
    Thanks for the comments as always.

    Karl Pflock-
    Let's see. Tom Carey and Don Schmitt have just released a book with much material on Roswell and I have just in the past two months published online pieces on the Roswell Base photographers and the serviceman guarding the hangar ordered to "shoot to kill." Kevin Randle has definitively destroyed the Mogul explanation recently and he also recently vetted and called out as a hoax the claims of Col. Richard French about Roswell (as two sites, that he worked for Blue Book, etc.)


  9. Anonymous 3-

    There are numerous password protected sites / members-only sites. They have forums that run the gamut from selling stolen credit cards and illegal items to those more "innocent" (i.e. for those trading magician's secrets to those who trade secrets on highly technical pranks and hoaxes, including those involving RC.)

    You just don't traverse the underbelly of the internet very well.


  10. You didn't solve anything, except getting me to click here. Good job, now I know bragalia is to be avoided

  11. Another great article Anthony. There will always be some who refuse to accept the most likely explanation for such events preferring to accept what they want to believe. But convincing everyone isn't what you hope to achieve with this. Again, good article--there are some people in the UFO field who simply want the truth uncovered.

  12. Thanks much Greg, and nice to hear from you again. Dr. Little is author of one of my favorite books of all time- Grand Illusions.



  14. You haven't "solved" anything. There are many other possibilities than your limited mind can handle. Clearly.

  15. I thought this mystery was solved a long time ago: