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The child pornography charges recently brought against Stan Romanek (a UFO researcher and alleged alien ‘experiencer’ who gained global fame) brings to mind the many others who have studied UFOs- all the while entertaining other interests that were immoral and often illegal.  Why this is so is difficult to say. The world of UFOs attracts many types from all walks of life. “Colorful characters” have always been part of it, and we enjoy them. But the denizens of the UFO world who descend to the downright “seedy” should be shunned, and all of their work forever forgotten:

Dr. Richard Boylan
Found Guilty of Sex with Patients

Dr. Richard Boylan is a former California psychologist who had his general therapylicense and marriage, family and child counseling license permanently revoked. At the same that he was writing about abductions and UFOs and speaking  at conferences, he was also having hot tub sex with young female patients that he was counseling. These “counseling sessions” were required, maintained Boylan, because the women clients that he was accused of having sex with were actually“abductees” who needed tactile therapy to “integrate” their  ET experiences.

Boylan still maintains a website and still writes online and magazine pieces, speaks to groups, and offers up wild UFO tales. He is now aligning himself with Native Americans who claim personal and ancestral UFO experiences. But the most disturbing thing that Dr. Boylan continues to do is to promote his “Star Kid Project.” Boylan’s Star Kid Project is set up as a non-profit organization. Boylan say that certain children today have ‘special needs’ that have to be addressed because, essentially, they ‘have some ET in them.’  He works with children who he says exhibit traits and characteristics that indicate that ET has had a hand in creating.  They have “helped these kids to be the brightest and best” in our population. “ Boylan counsels on ET-Kiddie eugenics. Someone should look into this more thoroughly. Someone in government of legal authority. Boylan’s child counseling license was revoked many years ago. And he continues to refer to himself as “Dr.” though he will never be able to practice anywhere ever again.

Wendelle Stevens
Convicted Pedophile / Statutory Rapist

Wendelle Stevens was a noted UFO author and lecturer. He was active in the field for  decades and he was especially noted for his extensive UFO photo collection. He was also known for promoting the hoaxer Billy Meier. Stevens had a fixation on the Pleiades. It turns out that he also had a fixation on young children. Lost in the many online memoriam when he died at 87 was that Wendelle Stevens was a convicted child molester. He served time in a Tucson jail in the mid-1980s for sexual intercourse with a 14 year old girl. The court transcript leaves little doubt that, at the same time he an interest in the Aztec UFO story, he had a penchant for pedophilia.

Bill Knell
Accused Child Abuser

Bill Knell has been active in UFO research and reporting for decades. Known as the “UFO Guy,” he operates several websites and online stores that offer DVDs, videos and cassettes on the phenomenon. Knell has been featured on the Coast-to-Coast national radio show and has written numerous online articles and privately printed treatises. Knell did much good early work on UFO incidents on Long Island and in the NY region. 

In recent years, however, Knell took a turn. Knell has been accused of criminal activities such as making illegal copies of other researchers copyrighted UFO documentaries and videos and selling them on his site and on other web stores. He has also been implicated in the illegal sales of both puppies and guns. But three years ago Knell degenerated to lows in mental health that have never been seen in the UFO world. We learn in an article appearing in the March 30, 2011 edition of the Lebanon (IN) Reporter: 

“Testimony by the Indiana Department of Child Services and the Lebanon Police Department revealed that the Knell home at 1610 Ashley Drive was layered in filth, overrun by cockroaches, with rotting food in the refrigerator, bathrooms and bedrooms and toilets. The chair that Mr. Knell had been sitting in appeared to be covered in urine and feces.” The article continues that Knell. 55, and his wife, 47, face up to 10 criminal charges for child neglect and other crimes.

 Bob Shell
Killer and Drug  Dealer

Bob Shell was a highly respected figure in the world of professional photography. For thirty years he was associated with the well-known photography magazine Shutterbug, including serving as its Editor.  But Bob Shell also had an avocational interest in UFOs. For many years he offered his expert opinion on various UFO photos and films, including his assessment of the Alien Autopsy footage. He commented on such forums as UFO Updates.  He befriended many in the UFO world.

But this was a Shell game. The “ secret “ Shell was a very different man.  He was a “teacher” of nude photography and enjoyed S&M. His interest in photographing  these kind of things apparently extended to taking pictures of drug-addled women.  He even helped inject a fatal dose of morphine to a young female “model.”  In 2003 he was convicted in court of involuntary manslaughter, various drug offenses (including distribution) and forcible sodomy. He was also believed by prosecution to have been a necrophilic who had sex with the corpse of his victim, Marion Franklin. Shell is currently serving out a 32 year prison term.

Timothy Green Beckley
Adult Film Aficionado

Timothy Green Beckley has been a part of the UFO scene for at least four decades. His UFO publishing empire includes imprints Inner Light Publications, Global Communications and Conspiracy Journal. Other of his enterprises, based in NJ, offer spell kits and amulets sold through ads in tabloids. Beckley has organized  dozens of UFO conferences. His UFO/paranormal publishing companies have generated at least 100 books and many videos, including those with the most outlandish and unsubstantiated claims ever put forth by anyone. His catalog of in-print books (authored by people like “Commander X”) truly astonishing. Beckley no doubt makes bucks from UFOs from some very credulous people. Only people who would truly believe anything would believe the stories put forth in books with titles like The Space Gods Speak and Reality of the Serpent Race.

But he also has another source of revenue from exploiting a markedly different market- porn. He has contributed articles to the industry trade Adult Cinema Review (including an in-depth piece on porn actress Marilyn Chambers.)  Beckley has also written and produced his own such films, including a raw porn “parody” entitled Driller: A Sexual Thriller. He has even appeared as onscreen talent and actor in films like Barely Legal Lesbian Vampires and the unfortunately named Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre (released several years before the tragedy.)

John Ford
Attempted Murderer

John J. Ford was a Long Island court officer and a long-time UFO enthusiast and MUFON investigator. He established a UFO research organization, the Long Island UFO Network, in the late 1980s. Ford garnered the attention of other researchers such as Phil Imbrogno and Linda Moulton Howe for his early investigation of Long Island area sightings and events. By the 1990s however, Ford began to believe that a UFO had crashed near Long Island’s Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton. He further believed that the Suffolk County authorities were involved in creating “diversionary” fires in Long Island’s Pine Barrens to conceal the alien’s crash landing. Ford’s beliefs became even more bizarre by 1996. Ford, at the time 48, was arrested on charges that he was scheming to kill John Powell, the chairman of the Suffolk County Republican Committee as well as Fred Towle, a Suffolk County legislator, and Anthony Gazzola, Chief Investigator for the Brookhaven Town Attorney’s Office. Ford planned to put deadly radium in their cars and lace their toothpaste with radioactive metal. Ford wanted the three killed because he believed that they were purposely interfering with his investigation of the Brookhaven UFO crash and with his efforts to contact aliens. Ford was found unfit to stand trial and was committed to the Mid-Hudson Psychiatric Center where he has remains to this day.



  1. Seems there might be a need for a new "UFO Hall of Shame," like the old and now moribund "UFO Watchdog" site, although there is a related blog of the same name, and by another person, which focuses mainly on the egregious fraudster and hoaxer Sean David Morton.

    See: and

    Shameful, psychologically disturbed people, all of them.

    What a pity...but, certainly not unique to "ufology" -- I could mention lawyers, bankers, politicians, religious fundamentalists, used car salesmen, etc.

    This kind of problem is endemic in our culture and internationally across the spectrum of employment and "special interests," unfortunately.

    Good job, Mr. Bragalia.

  2. There you have it, proof positive that UFO's don't exist!

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  4. “Testimony by the Indiana Department of Child Services and the Lebanon Police Department revealed that the Knell home at 1610 Ashley Drive was layered in filth, overrun by cockroaches, with rotting food in the refrigerator, bathrooms and bedrooms and toilets. The chair that Mr. Knell had been sitting in appeared to be covered in urine and feces.” -

    To me this looks like an unfortunate case of someone losing their marbles, to turn that into "accused child abuser" seems a little harsh to say the least, to me sympathy is in order here more than abuse.,, be careful what stones you cast dude, for there but for the grace of god....

    I'm also not convinced at all that making money from porn means you cannot do useful work into the UFO phenomenon and should be "shunned...and forever forgotten". UFO's don't pay as many bills as porn, and if the biggest porn magnate in history were to prove somehow that aliens existed it wouldnt make him wrong. Or should we shun and forget his (or her) proof forever, despite its importance to the human race, because s/he films (legally) people having sex?

    This post, incidentally, seems very out of character for your blog. It's posted by "the reynolds group" but has your name at the top Anthony, so I can only suppose you asked for / consented for this to be posted. Not that naming and shaming is bad as such, but I expect more from you...

  5. Seems kind of mean spirited . Got a beef with the UFO researchers/exploiters ? Do you also " out" Doctors? Mechanics? Internet scribes?

  6. Just stopping by to say hello fellow blogger.

  7. Kal Korff should be added:

  8. What does Anthony Bragalia do? He leaves out four of the worst in UFOology. Let me add a few for you Anthony (1) The late Bill Cooper (2) Bob Kiviot (3) The Late Todd Zechel (4) (5) Paramount TV/Viacom. (6) Bill Moore.
    Let me take these one by one, as I am one of the people that is mentioned in the Late Leonard Stringfield's papers. (1) Bill Cooper was a drunk and constantly threatened people who disagreed with him. (2) Bob Kiviot produced the alien autopsy for Fox, before that he worked for UNSOLVED MYSTERIES. He would promise people the moon in funds, have them run up huge bills, and they when it came time for his researcher to be paid. Suddenly he could not be found, and left many UFO researchers stone cold in deep dept. The Late Todd Zechle was given confidential information on a UFO landing on a military base years ago. Within 48 hours Mr. Zechle released the name of the man whom gave him this confidential information to the press and media. Later this mans girlfriend was found dead, and his son was placed in jail in 2 years. (Nice going Late Mr. Zechel). Paramount TV pirated copyright UFO footage and when caught. They refused to pay for the rights to broadcast the footage. This aired in April of 1994 under the title of "MOVIE AND TV STARTS WHO HAVE SEEN A UFO". Bill Moore (MJ-12 Documents fame) was not the only person to get film or Xerox copies of the documents, so did this writer along with one in England. Bill Moore called this writer on the phone and stated "THE MJ-12 DOCUMENTS ARE MINE,YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO MAKE PHOTO COPIES AND PASS THEM OUT"* *Seem strange that Mr. Moore who wrote the very first book on the Roswell UFO crash, suddenly claimed "He owned the MJ-12 documents" How odd, and we all thought that they were from our government for all the people. In closing Mr. Bragalia, Although you did a good job, you did not do a great job. I suggest you follow up on the information I just posted.
    Take Care