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The child pornography charges recently brought against Stan Romanek (a UFO researcher and alleged alien ‘experiencer’ who gained global fame) brings to mind the many others who have studied UFOs- all the while entertaining other interests that were immoral and often illegal.  Why this is so is difficult to say. The world of UFOs attracts many types from all walks of life. “Colorful characters” have always been part of it, and we enjoy them. But the denizens of the UFO world who descend to the downright “seedy” should be shunned, and all of their work forever forgotten:

Dr. Richard Boylan
Found Guilty of Sex with Patients

Dr. Richard Boylan is a former California psychologist who had his general therapylicense and marriage, family and child counseling license permanently revoked. At the same that he was writing about abductions and UFOs and speaking  at conferences, he was also having hot tub sex with young female patients that he was counseling. These “counseling sessions” were required, maintained Boylan, because the women clients that he was accused of having sex with were actually“abductees” who needed tactile therapy to “integrate” their  ET experiences.

Boylan still maintains a website and still writes online and magazine pieces, speaks to groups, and offers up wild UFO tales. He is now aligning himself with Native Americans who claim personal and ancestral UFO experiences. But the most disturbing thing that Dr. Boylan continues to do is to promote his “Star Kid Project.” Boylan’s Star Kid Project is set up as a non-profit organization. Boylan say that certain children today have ‘special needs’ that have to be addressed because, essentially, they ‘have some ET in them.’  He works with children who he says exhibit traits and characteristics that indicate that ET has had a hand in creating.  They have “helped these kids to be the brightest and best” in our population. “ Boylan counsels on ET-Kiddie eugenics. Someone should look into this more thoroughly. Someone in government of legal authority. Boylan’s child counseling license was revoked many years ago. And he continues to refer to himself as “Dr.” though he will never be able to practice anywhere ever again.

Wendelle Stevens
Convicted Pedophile / Statutory Rapist

Wendelle Stevens was a noted UFO author and lecturer. He was active in the field for  decades and he was especially noted for his extensive UFO photo collection. He was also known for promoting the hoaxer Billy Meier. Stevens had a fixation on the Pleiades. It turns out that he also had a fixation on young children. Lost in the many online memoriam when he died at 87 was that Wendelle Stevens was a convicted child molester. He served time in a Tucson jail in the mid-1980s for sexual intercourse with a 14 year old girl. The court transcript leaves little doubt that, at the same time he an interest in the Aztec UFO story, he had a penchant for pedophilia.

Bill Knell
Accused Child Abuser

Bill Knell has been active in UFO research and reporting for decades. Known as the “UFO Guy,” he operates several websites and online stores that offer DVDs, videos and cassettes on the phenomenon. Knell has been featured on the Coast-to-Coast national radio show and has written numerous online articles and privately printed treatises. Knell did much good early work on UFO incidents on Long Island and in the NY region. 

In recent years, however, Knell took a turn. Knell has been accused of criminal activities such as making illegal copies of other researchers copyrighted UFO documentaries and videos and selling them on his site and on other web stores. He has also been implicated in the illegal sales of both puppies and guns. But three years ago Knell degenerated to lows in mental health that have never been seen in the UFO world. We learn in an article appearing in the March 30, 2011 edition of the Lebanon (IN) Reporter: 

“Testimony by the Indiana Department of Child Services and the Lebanon Police Department revealed that the Knell home at 1610 Ashley Drive was layered in filth, overrun by cockroaches, with rotting food in the refrigerator, bathrooms and bedrooms and toilets. The chair that Mr. Knell had been sitting in appeared to be covered in urine and feces.” The article continues that Knell. 55, and his wife, 47, face up to 10 criminal charges for child neglect and other crimes.

 Bob Shell
Killer and Drug  Dealer

Bob Shell was a highly respected figure in the world of professional photography. For thirty years he was associated with the well-known photography magazine Shutterbug, including serving as its Editor.  But Bob Shell also had an avocational interest in UFOs. For many years he offered his expert opinion on various UFO photos and films, including his assessment of the Alien Autopsy footage. He commented on such forums as UFO Updates.  He befriended many in the UFO world.

But this was a Shell game. The “ secret “ Shell was a very different man.  He was a “teacher” of nude photography and enjoyed S&M. His interest in photographing  these kind of things apparently extended to taking pictures of drug-addled women.  He even helped inject a fatal dose of morphine to a young female “model.”  In 2003 he was convicted in court of involuntary manslaughter, various drug offenses (including distribution) and forcible sodomy. He was also believed by prosecution to have been a necrophilic who had sex with the corpse of his victim, Marion Franklin. Shell is currently serving out a 32 year prison term.

Timothy Green Beckley
Adult Film Aficionado

Timothy Green Beckley has been a part of the UFO scene for at least four decades. His UFO publishing empire includes imprints Inner Light Publications, Global Communications and Conspiracy Journal. Other of his enterprises, based in NJ, offer spell kits and amulets sold through ads in tabloids. Beckley has organized  dozens of UFO conferences. His UFO/paranormal publishing companies have generated at least 100 books and many videos, including those with the most outlandish and unsubstantiated claims ever put forth by anyone. His catalog of in-print books (authored by people like “Commander X”) truly astonishing. Beckley no doubt makes bucks from UFOs from some very credulous people. Only people who would truly believe anything would believe the stories put forth in books with titles like The Space Gods Speak and Reality of the Serpent Race.

But he also has another source of revenue from exploiting a markedly different market- porn. He has contributed articles to the industry trade Adult Cinema Review (including an in-depth piece on porn actress Marilyn Chambers.)  Beckley has also written and produced his own such films, including a raw porn “parody” entitled Driller: A Sexual Thriller. He has even appeared as onscreen talent and actor in films like Barely Legal Lesbian Vampires and the unfortunately named Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre (released several years before the tragedy.)

John Ford
Attempted Murderer

John J. Ford was a Long Island court officer and a long-time UFO enthusiast and MUFON investigator. He established a UFO research organization, the Long Island UFO Network, in the late 1980s. Ford garnered the attention of other researchers such as Phil Imbrogno and Linda Moulton Howe for his early investigation of Long Island area sightings and events. By the 1990s however, Ford began to believe that a UFO had crashed near Long Island’s Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton. He further believed that the Suffolk County authorities were involved in creating “diversionary” fires in Long Island’s Pine Barrens to conceal the alien’s crash landing. Ford’s beliefs became even more bizarre by 1996. Ford, at the time 48, was arrested on charges that he was scheming to kill John Powell, the chairman of the Suffolk County Republican Committee as well as Fred Towle, a Suffolk County legislator, and Anthony Gazzola, Chief Investigator for the Brookhaven Town Attorney’s Office. Ford planned to put deadly radium in their cars and lace their toothpaste with radioactive metal. Ford wanted the three killed because he believed that they were purposely interfering with his investigation of the Brookhaven UFO crash and with his efforts to contact aliens. Ford was found unfit to stand trial and was committed to the Mid-Hudson Psychiatric Center where he has remains to this day.


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Are highly classified experiments on “memory metal” that was inspired by the UFO crash debris found at Roswell being conducted in space? Is there an off-Earth effort to learn more about morphing materials? Could the advantages of such technology now be seen in space vehicles developed by the very Air Force base where the crash material was taken in 1947? Decades after the famous UFO crash, are they returning the material to whence in came –outer space- to learn more about it and to use it in our own spacecraft? 
Investigation indicates that the answer to these questions is yes.

NASA has long conducted government, private and academic sponsored experiments that take advantage of the microgravity or reduced-gravity environments of outer space. Things behave differently in space and such basic research could yield untold technical advances in the future. Experiments are conducted on space shuttles, space stations, rockets, payload satellites and specially modified jets. They include experiments involving biology and biotechnology, physics and physical sciences.  Through investigation into the possibility that “black experiments” have been conducted on Roswell-like material much is learned:

-A senior-level NASA scientist specializing in Morphing Metal studies admits that such Shape Memory Alloys (similar to those reported as UFO debris at Roswell in 1947) were probably taken into space for testing.  This scientist also agreed that such tests could likely be classified secret.

-The very base where the memory metal from Roswell was flown (Wright Patterson) has developed and deployed space arrays and spacecraft control mechanisms that are based on Roswell-inspired “smart structure” materials technology.

-Although the crash material was composed of elements found on Earth, it was impossible to fabricate such material on Earth.  In space, without the burden of gravity, metals with remarkable properties can be made.

-NASA’s history of lying about UFOs and space experiments that are deemed “sensitive” is documented here. It also explains why the answers to what tests they have conducted in space on memory metal may never be fully known.

“Memory Metal” or a moving metal is the shape of things to come. Material that remembers its original form (technically Shape Memory Alloy) was first reported by witnesses to debris from a crashed UFO near Roswell, NM in 1947. No one in the general public had ever before described such a thing. Shape-recovery metal like Nitinol is a distinctly post-Roswellian concept. Never before Roswell had anyone talked of material that instantly undergoes such a change in form and character. In prior articles this author has described how the crash material was flown to Wright Patterson/Field and how that base began to let contracts for memory metal research to organizations like Battelle Memorial Institute. The characteristics of this intermetallic material from space showed that it had to have been made in space.  And only NASA could take the composite to the cosmos.


I do not believe the Roswell debris material itself was ever taken to space for experimentation, as this would present significant risk. But it is possible that alloys that represent our best efforts at replicating the material (i.e. Nitinol) may have been. The reasons why such materials would be taken up into the zero-g/ reduced gravity environment of space using NASA’s microgravity chambers are multiple. The “miscibility” (or ability for two different metals to “mix” to create an alloy) is likely greatly enhanced. There could be desirable changes in the microstructures of such “super-alloys made in space” that would yield greater material strength, hardness or purity. Such new fabrication-in-space possibilities could provide advances in “adaptive” materials that are “intelligent.”

Anna McGowan, NASA former Morphing Project Manager

Anna McGowan is the former Morphing Project Manager for NASA.  She is a long-time NASA employee and aerospace scientist. A Purdue grad, she led two efforts in Morphing Projects for NASA Langley’s Aeronautics Research Directorate. She served as the NASA lead on the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) Morphing Aircraft Systems Program which plans to test fly two advanced morphing concepts. She also led a visionary $35 million per year project that involved over 90 researchers in developing and assessing advanced technologies to enable efficient, multi-point, adaptability (morphing) in future flight vehicles. Reached by phone by this author on January 18, McGowan was asked:

“Do know if Shape Memory Alloys such as Nitinol have ever been taken into space by NASA for testing in micro-gravity chambers?”

She replied: “I would think so, yes.  I can’t be certain though.  Let me give you the name of a Langley media information officer that may be able to help.”

When McGowan was asked, “Do you think that any of the testing on morphing metals in space could or would be classified experiments?” McGowan replied coyly:

“Well, if we talk about it, it wouldn’t be classified would it?”

Although range of materials testing in space occurs on NASA vehicles, one would think that the person who led Morphing Projects for NASA would know if such space tests occurred on memory metal.

When I queried the Langley Information Officer Kathy Barstorff that McGowan had referred me to, I asked of her the same question I asked of McGowan, “Do you think that any of the testing on morphing metals in space could or would be classified experiments?” She replied precisely with the words that McGowan herself had used. The Langley media officer said: “Well, if we talk about it, it wouldn’t be classified would it?” I told her that what she said are the exact words used by McGowan to me when I asked her the same question. I said that this sounded like a rehearsed line that you had both been trained to say. She did not disagree.

Weeks-long inquiries have been made of NASA by this author on whether such memory metal tests were ever conducted. Despite contacting multiple branches of the agency and reaching out to those who should know, nobody from NASA has been able to definitively tell me.  FOIA are now being filed by this author compelling an answer. But as detailed below, NASA is an agency that has deliberately lied and obfuscated when it comes to any probe of the agency’s involvement in certain sensitive subject areas.


According to Greg Bishop, author of the book Project Beta, the National Security Agency confided by letter to the late Paul Bennewitz (a physicist, founder of a scientific instrumentation company and controversial UFO investigator) that early Space Shuttle experiments tested Titanium alloys in efforts to replicate the debris found at Roswell. {The Bennewitz story is long and complex, but it does appear that he happened on extremely sensitive aerial and atmospheric black budget R&D projects at Kirtland Air Force Base. His company is located at the border of the base.  It also appears that both Air Force Intelligence and the NSA viewed this as a national security threat – and both agencies played “games” with Bennewitz, ultimately comprising his mental health.}

Bishop quotes from a letter to Bennewitz by his unnamed “NSA handler” dated December 11, 1985 about a Titanium super alloy and secret experiments on UFO debris in space on the Space Shuttle:

“The special alloy was forwarded to Wright Patterson AFB for analysis.  With the then (1947) technology, the composition was known (an aluminum/Titanium composite of unknown fabrication techniques) but the method of achieving the alloy was a complete mystery. The advent of the electron microscope heralded a new wave of discovery. This alloy was porous and differed from any known metallic alloy to date. It was impossible to fabricate on Earth. But here it was. It was theorized that this new “super alloy” might be fabricated in a zero-g environment. With no gravitational influence, elements of grossly differing atomic masses might possibly be alloyed for the first time. Early Space Shuttle experiments proved this theory, and the resultant alloy was unbelievably tough and porous. Absorbing radar and other electronic emissions to an amazing degree.”

There is a theme of thought that the UFO debris was comprised of known metals or elements, but made by unknown fabrication methods or unusual processing.

The late General Arthur Exon, former Base Commander of Wright Patterson Air Force Base in the 1960s, confided on tape in the 1990s to researcher Kevin Randle information about the Roswell debris. He told Randle that he understood that some of the UFO debris was comprised “of Titanium and another metal that they knew about and the processing was somehow different.” Titanium is the key metal upon which shape memory alloys such as Nitinol are based.

Another General, George Schulgen (who led Air Force Intelligence at the time of the Roswell incident) authored a secret draft memo four months after the crash.  In the section to his officers about UFOs entitled “Materials of Construction” Shulgen too notes such UFO material would be made by “unusual fabrication method.”

Is this “special materials fabrication” and “unusual processing” that the Roswell-involved General’s speak of one that is space-based?


The Roswell crash material was shown by testimony and documentation (including an FBI memo) to have been transported to Wright Field. This author has demonstrated in a series of six prior articles that in the months following the crash, Wright contracted Battelle Memorial Institute to study memory metal and develop unique Titanium alloy phase diagrams (or “recipes” to make alloys.) For the next 20 years, Wright sponsored memory metal research with other organizations.

It has also been learned that Wright Patterson Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) has developed spacecraft components comprised of memory metal (Nitinol) and has launched these unique morphing systems into space. For decades Wright Patterson’s AFRL has been engaged in developing memory-metal based spacecraft systems. The very base that took in the memory metal from Roswell has used the technology to its advantage at least three demonstrable times with three little-discussed launched spacecraft:

- The MIghtSat /FalconSat is a small spacecraft satellite vehicle developed by AFRL to test advanced technologies in imaging, communications and spacecraft “bus components” in space. Launched in 2000 with a two year mission, a deep technical literature search reveals reference to the MightSat being released in space by memory metal.  The device is referred to as the “AFRL Shape Memory Release Device” and its acronym is revealed as SMARD (or Shape Memory Alloy Release Device.)

- In July, 1997 Wright’s AFRL-developed Lightweight Flexible Solar Array (LFSA) was launched into space. Technical reference is found of a “Shape Memory Alloy Hinge” design and AFRL’s creation of the memory metal device in concert with NASA, DARPA and Lockheed Martin. It incorporated very thin pieces of Nitinol. These strips served as ultra-flexible devices on which the craft’s attached parts could turn, pivot, swing or interlock.

- A current Wright memory metal mission in space is the Rosetta Landing Craft. Wright’s research labs worked with the European Space Agency on a spacecraft whose mission is to be the first to orbit and land on a comet. The comet-chasing craft, it has been found cited in the literature, is equipped with a “Shape Memory Gas Release Mechanism,” a specialized memory metal valve.


Two very disturbing documents have been uncovered by this author that confirm that the subject of UFO’s and secret experiments in space conducted by NASA were never to be discussed by its personnel.

Larry Ross, Former Director of NASA Lewis Research Center

In 1992, Howard Wolpe (D-Mich.) said congressional investigators looking at a program to develop the SP-100 nuclear space reactor, found a two-page set of instructions on how to deal with Freedom of Information Act requests. Volpe had somehow found a document about sensitive NASA experiments in space which likely explains why NASA is reluctant to answer me directly about memory metal testing on board their spacecraft. Prepared by Larry Ross, NASA’s former director of the agency’s Lewis Space Center, the document reads in part:

"This NASA document instructs government employees to: 1, rewrite and even destroy documents 'to minimize adverse impact'; 2, mix up documents and camouflage handwriting so that the documents’ significance would be 'less meaningful' and 3, take steps to 'enhance the utility' of various FOIA exemptions." Wolpe wrote to NASA Administrator Richard H. Truly about his find. Truly would only indicate that he had “concerns” about this document.

Paul Hill, NASA Flight Director

Paul Hill was a NASA aerospace engineer and former Flight Director at the Johnson Space Center. In 1995 Hill, retired, wrote a little-discussed book entitled “Unconventional Flying Objects: A Scientific Analysis.” Hill indicated that he had conducted a series of “UFO maneuver simulations” while at the agency, including studies of the materials of construction, propulsion possibilities and navigational dynamics. In the book, Hill makes a very startling confession:

“I was prevented from making any pronouncements about the application of my UFO work by NASA officials. I had been instructed by superiors in official channels that my name could not be used in connection in any way that would implicate NASA with these objects.” He continued, “Clearly, I was destined to remain as unidentified as the flying objects.”


Feel what one might about the reported psychic Uri Geller but one thing is historic truth: In the early 1970s Geller was tested by the US government for his psychic abilities. In an email exchange with this author four years ago Geller indicated to me that he was made to try to “bend” the memory metal Nitinol (in the shape of a wire, placed in a vacuum) with the projection of psychic energy. Present at this experiment was Dr. Frederick Wang (the “co-inventor” of Nitinol) and scientists from NASA. Specifically, Geller told me, that it was NASA Goddard personnel in attendance. It turns out that Goddard operates a little-mentioned laboratory in Greenbelt, MD called the “Materials Engineering Branch.” This Goddard lab is linked to work in microgravity space experimentation and has developed advanced materials such as nano-tubes and high performance composites.


Morphing metal is the key to the UFO mystery. Morphing metal may well be the stuff from which today's often-seen "morphing UFOs" are made. Such materials of construction may help to explain the "shape-shifting" craft. And it is likely that similar material accounts for some of the debris that was found at the crash at Roswell.

But there is an even deeper meaning to memory metal. It is found within the Morph. It represents "the potential for change." Such material reflects the value of adaptation. Without it, life ceases. The best material adapts itself to best suit its environment. The shape-memory qualities of the Roswell debris speak to the metal's "rememberance" of a malleable and ever-changing Universe.
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Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman: “Roswell was an ET Event” by Anthony Bragalia

General Nathan Twining

Six weeks before he passed, the 4-star General who served as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President Eisenhower (and who was the Commander of the Air Materiel Command at Wright Field in July of 1947) confessed to his namesake son that the Roswell crash was an extraterrestrial event.

Even more astonishingly, he disclosed that one of the aliens had survived.


General Nathan Twining was a West Point grad who was born into a family that was long-associated with the military. As Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, he had risen to become the highest ranking military officer in the U.S. Armed Forces and principal military advisor to a President. Before retiring with over four decades of service, he was eligible to wear over 30 military medals.

Twining, concerned about the increasing rise in UFO reports during the summer of 1947, had advised the initiation of a formal study of the mysterious phenomenon. Known as Project Sign, this early official UFO study was authorized in December of 1947 by General Laurence Craige (Chief of Air Force R&D and implicated as Roswell-involved by Craige’s pilot, Ben Games.)

At the time of the Roswell incident Twining was at Wright Field (where the crash debris was flown) as Commander of the Air Materiel Command (AMC.) The AMC was charged with research, development, acquisition and flight testing of novel, prototype or foreign aircraft and weapons.

Twining would certainly have been well-positioned to have known about what had really happened at Roswell at the time of the crash. He likely garnered further details when he was later rewarded for his work by being named by a President to lead our nation’s Armed Forces as Joint Chiefs of Staff.

In a formerly classified (and infamous) letter to Air Force General George Schulgen (known as the “Twining Memo”) Twining writes to the General that the flying disc phenomenon reported “is something real and not visionary or fictitious.” He went on to consider natural phenomenon and controlled, engineered objects as possibilities.

It now appears evident that Twining knew far more definitively what the phenomenon actually represented.

Buried at the Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors, General Twining died in March of 1982 in Texas at the age of 84.

The General’s Son Reveals His Father’s Roswell Secret

Nathan Twining Jr.

Nathan Twining’s same-named son told investigators (including Tom Carey) that on UFOs, he had remembered that his father had mentioned to him that he was very concerned about the increasing number of pilots that were “lost” while scrambling for and chasing the illusive flying objects. 

And a recent and very little-viewed video of testimony given by an unassuming Englishwoman suggests strongly that General Twining –and his son- knew far more about the true nature of Roswell crash than they had ever let on publicly.

In the video, released in September of this year by UK investigator Joanne Summerscales, a woman named Jo Walters (who is now is her 80s) relates that she had met Nathan Twining, Jr. during the 1997/1998 time frame. What he told her about his General father has left her startled to this day.

At the time, Jo was, along with two friends, considering retiring to the United States. She and her friends were members of a religion that was seeking to establish a community retreat there. It happened that one of her friends knew of Nathan Twining who was a member of the same faith in the US. She contacted him to let him know of their intentions- and to her delight he invited her, Jo Walters and another friend to spend some time at the guest quarters at his ranch. He would discuss placing a religious community on one of his expansive New Mexico land holdings. They accepted his invitation and arrived to a fine welcome.

Later in the visit, Nathan explained to Jo that he was the son of a military General. Given the ranch’s New Mexico location and his father’s time of service, the talk got around to the Roswell crash.

Nathan Jr. told Jo that his father and he had discussed the matter previously and that at the end of his life his father finally came forth on the true nature of the Roswell event.

Nathan said that his father believed that he was always ‘straight’ with his son and that he now wanted to set the record straight about the crash. General Twining was apparently sparing in what he told his son. But six weeks before he passed General Twining did confirm:

- The Roswell incident was in fact an event involving extraterrestrials

- A crew of beings had crashed in the desert

- One of these beings had survived, but later expired

- The General added that he had himself visited the being and had communicated with it telepathically while it was held at a secure government location in New Mexico.

You can view Jo Walters being interviewed here:

Jo Walters’ Taped Testimony
(Advance to 27:42 of this 40:22 long video for critical testimony if desired)

Nathan Twining Jr. (now elderly, placed under guardianship and believed incapacitated) became recognized as very successful as both a real estate businessman in Baltimore and as a New Mexico land developer. And he was as generous as he was prosperous (donating, for instance, acres of land on which to site an observatory for the Albuquerque Astronomical Society.)

He is a man of inherited means with a reputation for genuineness. He had no reason to fabricate or to dishonor his father’s legacy with lies. And corroboration for Jo Walter’s claims about Twining comes from several, including these individuals:

-Respected veteran UFO researcher Ted Oliphant relates in a Facebook entry that he had also heard from Nathan Twining Jr. that his General dad saw the Roswell alien and that it had used telepathic means to communicate. Nathan Jr. added this important element: he was told by his father that the ET “wanted no contact with us.”

-Paranormal researcher Suzy Ward wrote in 2011 that about 20 years previous she had purchased some acreage from Nathan Jr. In conversations with him at that time (and perhaps because of her inclination to things universal and spiritual) she was related some amazing things about the crash. Like Jo Walters and Ted Oliphant, she was told of Nathan’ father’s story about a surviving crew member of a four-creature crew and about communication by telepathy with the living alien.

-Roswell investigator and author Tom Carey (when emailed the Jo Walters video by this author) confirmed to me that what Jo states matches up with what he knew to be true about Nathan Twining Jr.  He has met Twining in the past and has been to his ranch estate. Carey said that what Walter’s details about Twining’s ranch, circumstance, demeanor and related fine points leads him to believe that she had indeed visited him in New Mexico.

The Highest Official Confirmation of ET Ever?


If what Nathan Jr. says about Nathan Sr. was true, it represents confirmation at the very highest levels of government -from one of the most decorated men in military history- that the Roswell incident was truly ET.


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Throughout the 2000’s scores of people from Mexico to Arizona to China witnessed (and in many instances videotaped) strange “flying people” in the skies above them. The phenomenon (dubbed “flying humanoids” by media) has continued to perplex those who have observed and researched them. These flying beings have bodies that in many respects resemble those of humans, but they are distinguished from us by often taking the form of a flying robot or even to appear witch-like.

What is this flying entity who has been filmed?  An alien who is traversing our atmosphere without his saucer? An ET-related black ops project? Perhaps an angel without wings? Or are flying ‘superheroes’ (beings with superhuman skills) real?

All of these have been offered up from different quarters as possible answers. But the solution to the mystery is in fact far more down-to-earth, and is revealed here and now:


IThe flying humanoids have been visually recorded by dozens of individuals over the past decade or so. Three of the more striking examples of these recordings follow:
The Famous 2007 Monterrey, Mexico Flying Witch
The 2000 Mexico City and the 2005 Phoenix, AZ Flying Humanoids


RC, Remote Control (or Radio Control) technologies for hobbyists are bigger business than most people realize. Everything from toy trucks and boats to kites and UFO-like craft can be remote controlled. And astounding advances in remote signal and digital technology (combined with advances in flight stabilization and control) have allowed for silent hovering, extreme vertical takeoff and other remarkable flight maneuvers.
But in the past decade or so, a considerably large group of hobbyists have been experimenting with unusually configured RC aerials- including those that are human-shaped.
Today they are whole underground online communities that bring together RC hobbyists with a special interest in unique craft configurations.
This author has penetrated private, password protected websites hosted offshore with forums that discuss such things as techniques for enhanced flight performance and secrets to faking anomalous aerial effects and UFOs!
The following two jaw-dropping and revealing short videos finally give us the graphic and definitive answer to the mystery provided by these remarkable Human-Shaped RC Flyers:
The Flying People above New York
RC Superhero


Plato once noted: “We ought to fly away from earth to heaven as quickly as we can. To fly away is god-like, as far as is possible.”

Pink Floyd in “Learning to Fly” sings: “Can’t keep my eyes from the circling skies; tongue-tied and twisted, just an earth-bound misfit, I.” 

And just like the Socorro UFO hoaxers were young males who are of college/post-college age, those behind the Flying Humanoid phenomena are techno-nerdy, earth-bound misfits.

Man’s yearning to soar unencumbered by an aerial vehicle, free of any special suit or device, is reflected in our dreams. We fly away from the world’s troubles to soar above with freedom and joy.

These geeky Men of Remote Control have given loft to man’s fundamental wish- to fly.


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Copyright 2013, InterAmerica, Inc.


Credible testimony that has been offered truthfully and that is corroborated by others continues to surface relative to the retrieval of aliens and their craft in New Mexico in July of 1947. This new round of declarations (gained in recent months by an assembled team of researchers) attest to the event having indeed been extraterrestrial in nature. What was said in revelatory ways will be reported on at a later date.

It is however, something that can be seen and touched that is the most coveted of alien crash evidence.  Such physical form evidence is termed the “Holy Grail” by researcher Tom Carey. Things that can be handled, examined and evaluated by independent experts are sought. Confirmation that is tangible and quantifiable is desired. We look for evidence that can be scientifically considered and evidence whose provenance and authenticity is unquestioned. It is this type of evidence -the ultimate evidence – that would definitively end the debate about Roswell forever. Has the pursuit of such proof borne fruit at last?  Has the Holy Grail finally been found?

Just as witness statements continue to be carefully evaluated for truth, so too are the claims of physical evidence.


There are four primary types of physical crash evidence: debris, alien remains, photographs and documents. And at least one of these types may yet see the light of public day:

Crash Debris


The scattered, fragmented remains of the craft crashed near Roswell left a large debris field. It is possible that the craft lost materials of construction before it crashed- or that it may have even “skipped” to additional sites, leaving debris in its wake.

The types of people identified who would have most likely to have been out in the middle of the desert in July in New Mexico –and who could have had access to the debris and an opportunity to purloin pieces for private interest- would be:

1)       Ranchers (and their children)
2)       Archaeologists (on expedition)
3)       Geologists (on oil exploration)
4)    Servicemen from Roswell Army Air Field and /or other bases (assigned to debris field cleanup)

There have been many “false starts” when it comes to purported Roswell debris:

-          In 1996 Art Bell, a one-time paranormal radio show host, had received and reported on what became known as “Art’s Parts.” Touted by people such as Linda Moulton Howe, the “parts” were sent from an anonymous source and were square-like metal pieces that turned out to be primarily aluminum with traces of other metals.

-          Also in 1996, a man presented a piece of shard-like metal with an unusual swirling pattern to the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell.  It was later found that the fragment was actually a piece designed by a Utah jeweler and made in his studio.

-          In 1997 Dr. Roger Lier and Derell Sims held a press conference during the Roswell 50th Anniversary to offer up a bluish stone-like artifact that was going to be tested for alien origin by “universities.” Nothing more since.

-          In 2004 a New Mexico gentleman named Chuck Wade found some seemingly unusual metal material buried in the desert using a metal detector. While the material does seem very heat resistant (and by eye is not immediately identifiable) the kind of testing required by a named and recognized laboratory to validate the material is for now lacking.

-          In 2011 New Mexico school teacher Frank Kimbler claimed to have found ET metal fragments in the desert. He claimed the material had “unusual” isotopic ratios.  But the truth is that such anomalies cannot be determined without use of extremely expensive and sophisticated analyzers made only by Thermo Electron Instruments. They are used to examine the isotopic ratios of such things as fallen meteors. They are found only at NASA, related government agencies and a very few universities. It is not believed that this is what Kimbler has done. Though he mailed off some of the material for some type of analysis, he later claimed that the material had mysteriously “disappeared” in shipping. Today, interest and discussion about his material has waned.

For any such debris or engineered material to be deemed of extraterrestrial origin would require one of the following:

1)       That it was composed of an element that is unknown to earth or science
2)       That it was composed of known elements but that occur in non-terrestrial isotopic ratio
3)       That the processes required to alloy or form the material are unknown to science
4)       That the physical properties exhibited by the material are not found in terrestrial material and are unknown to science. 

Alien Remains


There would be nothing more that we would like to do (and skeptics would like us to do) than to roll out a gurney carrying the corpse of one of the aliens fallen at Roswell.  Even a bone piece or tissue sample would certainly suffice.

But this of course is the very least likely type of evidence that would ever surface into the public domain.  Any such pathological evidence is likely held in preservation in guarded, highly secure facilities whose access is extremely restricted. 



A picture image in the form of prints or slides of an object, person or scene that is related to the Roswell crash would be eye-opening evidence.  And such film could be in black and white or in color.  A genuine image of an alien corpse or of the Roswell retrieval operation in the debris field would be a very convincing item.

Perhaps of all of the types of physical evidence that might exist, this type (until recent efforts) has been the least researched. It also may be the one to prove most fruitful.

Cameras were not unknown to common folks in the late 1940s, and that included ranchers. If you were going to go out to see a fallen flying saucer, you would surely grab your camera if you had one. And professional people who may have been out in the desert at that time (such as archaeologists or geologists) would be equipped with a camera to document their finds. Or perhaps a serviceman surreptitiously photographed such film.

Personal Documents


Personal documents such as a diary from July of 1947 with entries relating to the Roswell crash could have been left by neighboring ranchers or their children, by involved servicemen or their families or by members of involved civilian agencies such as the fire department or sheriff’s office. Similar documentary evidence would include letters and written correspondence or saved printed materials.

Two Confirmed Examples:

1)       An historical personal document of this type is in fact confirmed to exist. Sheriff George Wilcox’s (of Lincoln County, NM where rancher Mac Brazel brought crash debris) had a wife named Inez. Inez did compose a memoir that touches on the Roswell crash. She called it "Four Years in the County Jail” and her family states that it was done with thought for publication in a national magazine. Now at the Roswell Historical Society, the memoir says:

"One day a rancher north of town brought in what he called a flying saucer. There had been
                many reports all over the United States by people who claimed they had seen a flying saucer.
The rumors were in many variations… Mr. Wilcox called headquarters at Walker Air Force Base formerly RAAF) and reported the find. Before he hung up the telephone almost, an officer walked in. He quickly loaded the object into a truck and that was the last glimpse that anyone had of it… However the officer who picked up the suspicious looking saucer admonished Mr. Wilcox to tell as little as possible about it and refer all calls to the base. A secret well-kept."

2)       Other documents that have surfaced include ones from reporter Frank Joyce. Joyce was in Roswell in 1947 and was a newsman with radio station KGFL. Joyce also talked to rancher Mac Brazel (who originally discovered the debris field) and Joyce maintained that Brazel told a very different story to him than Brazel had made publicly in the press after coercion from the military. Joyce had the feeling at the time of the crash event that things might be covered up or in some way ‘forgotten’ about the crash. So Joyce did something very unusual: He collected the UPI and news service teletypes received by the station about the crash as they were coming through the wire machine. And Joyce retained these original teletypes and showed them to researchers many decades later to provide documentation that something important really did happen that fateful day.


Claims of physical proof demands rigorous testing. Identifying experts and conducting such testing and authentication requires resources, time and money. But it may yet well be worth that effort, wait and expense as the stream of such claims continues and is evaluated by a team of Roswell investigators that now turn their attention to the tangible.


Friday, December 21, 2012



A McMinnville UFO article has stirred some up recently when I ran an image of Paul Trent’s boy standing on a ladder. The kid was perched up in the very area where his father had taken two UFO pictures. These pictures are believed my many today to have been hoaxed. The ‘ladder boy’ photo is a very provocative photo that could impact the authenticity of two highly controversial UFOs photos made in Oregon in 1950 by farmer Trent.


James Oberg is a well-known space journalist who has professional ties to NASA .

Oberg admitted just earlier today to researcher Lance Moody that he is indeed responsible for having posted the incriminating ‘ladder boy photo’ on a website a long time ago. He has agreed that was wrong to have done so.

Moody has conceded that Oberg was “mistaken” to have posted the photo. We can all certainly agree that it has caused many problems.

Oberg is known to be rabidly skeptical about “things UFO.“ So much so that in 2009 Oberg deliberately planted a troubling photo on an ATS website forum. It was a picture of Paul Trent’s boy on a ladder. The kid had a mischievous grin and was posed directly under the area that a UFO had been captured on film by his father. Oberg is the first person to have ever placed this image on the net. When Oberg was asked about the origin of the photo, Oberg replied that LIFE had bought the rights,’- that the image had been acquired by them. Of course LIFE photographer Loomis Dean, who went to the Trent farm, was a LIFE employee. His pictures did not have “rights” that could be “bought” or “acquired.”

More importantly, Oberg did not post the other LIFE Trent farm images, just the ‘ladder boy’ photo. Why? He had to have known that there was a series of Trent farm photos, but he chose to selectively post only the one that would immediately suggest a hoax.


Oberg’s “mistake” was apparently repeated on another site some years later. I next saw the Oberg image posted this past summer on another well-known paranormal website, Unexplained Mysteries. A long-time, respected poster there had reproduced the ladder boy image, adding the statement: “from the same roll of film as the UFO photos.


I reviewed the online LIFE gallery of work by photographer Loomis Dean before I had published the article. There were several wonderful LIFE photos that Dean did over the years, but nothing on McMinnville. An individual emailed me after the article had appeared. He explained that the reason that I could not access the Trent farm photos is because LIFE had since removed them from their site and had apparently archived them. I could not get what I did not even know existed.


That is it, the sum total on the matter. There was no nefarious intent on my part despite what some have maintained (and in sometimes unprofessional and even profane terms.)

And despite Oberg having posted this very same image on the net before I did, no one had ever seen fit to correct him in the three years in which he did so. Lance Moody has asked me for an apology on this , I wonder if he asked the same of Oberg?


The ‘boy on the ladder photo remains a provocative one, no matter the provenance. And if you examine the photos in the LIFE series of the Trent farm closely enough it becomes evident: it would be very easy place in which to fake a UFO. And a ladder and a helpful kid would certainly come in handy for a hoax…


Sunday, December 16, 2012


Copyright 2012 InterAmerica, Inc. [Permission needed to reproduce, otherwise copyright infringement will be pursued)


Found clues point to a prank behind the most cherished UFO photographs in history. For over six decades the two images taken by Paul Trent of McMinnville, Oregon have continued to generate great debate about their authenticity. But investigation now indicates that the two Trent images were likely ones of invention. If so, how did a farmer fake so many for so long?



Paul Trent and his wife Evelyn were farming folks who lived in a rural area of the Pacific Northwest. On May 11, 1950 Evelyn claimed that she had spotted a disk-like UFO in their backyard and she called out for her husband to retrieve the camera inside their home. Paul managed to run inside, run back out, and then snap two photos of a mysterious aerial object. Those images even today are emblazoned in the minds of those with UFO interest.


Though many UFO researchers (and even the Condon Committee) could see no obvious evidence of hoaxed images, other researchers did.

The essential fact is that the two photographs are gray and grainy. They are of low resolution and they are produced from a simple box camera. Endless techniques, technologies, enhancements and enlargements have been applied to test the veracity of the images by many individuals over many years to varying interpretations. But in real life one cannot always make lemonade out of a lemon.  Simply, the information that is gleaned from a given image can only be as good as the image. And these are poor images from which to work. Conclusively determining whether the object was suspended or thrown- or whether the UFO is actually a rear view mirror, a small scale model or a Dual record changer spindle part from 1940, or whether it is indeed an actual full-sized unknown aerial cannot be accomplished solely by technical analysis.

What we can do is to investigate the photos in a far broader context. We must examine the sequence of events and other elements of the story like this:


Trent Son on Ladder Where UFO Pictures Were Taken (Same Roll)

We must ask, for instance, things like this: What did the other photos taken on the roll containing the UFO photos depict? Well, a picture of Paul Trent’s son is within that roll- and it speaks proverbial volumes.

Often an accompanying image can tell a lot about images that are in question. And in this case, it surely does. On the very same roll that the UFO photos were taken we see a picture of a kid up on a ladder next to the very barn-like structure that was found in the UFO pictures.

And this young man is very interestingly positioned right where the saucer action was about to occur. He is directly under where the UFO was also captured on film.

Why is this kid on a ladder and being photographed in the “UFO spot”? And on the same roll?

And the Trents later contradictions on just when the photographs were taken can be accounted for when we understand that Trent and the boy probably spent a great deal of time extending throughout the day to do it just right. He couldn’t remember the precise time or he was not astute enough to realize the significance of accurately correlating your story to your image.

It is just beyond curious and headed to the obvious: The boy was acting as Daddy’s little helper, assisting in the preparation of the hoax set up in some way, perhaps serving to frame the photos- or helping to angle and position the “UFO.”

It is known that the other pictures on the roll were taken at a time well preceding the photo of the kid on the ladder and the UFO photos. And Trent waited until sometime after the UFO photos were taken to develop the film as he wanted to use up the film exposures that were left remaining on the roll.

The farm boy on the ladder certainly looks appropriately dressed for a cloudy, early day in May in the Pacific Northwest, the time the UFO pictures were taken. And the cloudy gray background sky above him appears suspiciously consistent with and similar to that of the UFO photos. That is, by the looks of things, they could have been taken on the very same day.


The fact that the photo of the child on a ladder (which is taken near the barn-like structure underneath the overhead wires) where a UFO would later also be photographed appears in the same film roll give one more than simple pause. This all clearly points to a prank. It almost appears that Trent was getting a lesson in forced perspective and how to take pictures when your “subject matter” is elevated in the air.



With the boy high atop the ladder under the wires near the barn, Paul Trent could practice his UFO shot by looking through his viewfinder, aiming and framing and composing the shot of the UFO to come. This would be a dry run. To have taken practice exposures using the actual UFO model would of course be too damning.

And Paul may have noticed something about kneeling when taking a picture- you can force the desired perspective. The essential thing missed by most is that they assume that Trent was standing upright when taking the photo. But Trent, in taking shots of his small child off the ground, realized that you could create illusions from varying perspectives.

If Trent crouched down low with the boy high on a ladder, he could make the flying saucer look farther away than it really was:

By kneeling down even a little bit, and by shooting up from that position, he could force the perspective of the resulting photo to make it appear to have greater distance, yet remain reasonably sharp in focus.

And a disc-like object could easily have been thrown from that very ladder by his boy accomplice when the ladder was placed out of view of the shot. Or the ladder could have been used to suspend the object from the overhead wires. Take your pick. But whatever the choice, a ladder, a kid atop it and forced perspective somehow most certainly figure into the prank.



Kim Trent Spencer, the Trent’s granddaughter, told journalist Kelly Kennedy of the Oregonian something of missed importance- the Trents were repeaters. That is, they had multiple UFO “experiences.” Kennedy reports:

“Kim remembers talking about the UFO pictures when she was young, but back then she didn’t know the details- but that her grandmother had said she has seen UFOs before.” And much ignored is that Mrs. Trent herself told the late researcher Philip Klass that she had seen UFOs both before and after the photos were taken.

As Jerry Seinfeld might say, “not that there’s anything wrong with that” –but when you combine her prior UFO interest and prior sightings, her later sightings, her family discussions about UFOs- with the fact that Mrs. Trent reported being the first to see the photographed UFO- it is Mrs. Trent who should have been given more attention when investigating the photos. Paul finally got his wife a photograph of one of her coveted UFOs. She was certainly one darn lucky “repeat witness.”



An intriguing handwritten note has surfaced that was composed by an apparent friend of Paul Trent’s. Trent passed in the late 1990s. The note (in male writing) was directed to Paul and was attached to one of Paul’s UFO photos. The note-writer signs off to Paul by simply using his initials, “CM”- indicating that they knew one another well.

CM writes,

Paul I wish I could have been there shooting with you on this day in 1950. If it’s real, then whoa! But if you faked it, that’s even cooler. We can’t really fake stuff anymore. Years later if it’s all fake… or maybe it’s all real. Same difference. Thanks for this though.” CM

I can’t of course agree with Paul’s letter-writer, CM. There is a big difference between what is fake and what is real- and it is our obligation to truth to distinguish the two. And strange that Trent’s own admirer CM cannot commit to certain belief that his friend is telling the truth.


The Trents have been described in the literature as having been “simple” farm folks.  In 1950 there were only 6000 residents in McMinnville. And the Trents were actually out in the sparsely populated hinterlands of Yamhill County, running their ranch.

“Fun” during those times, in that kind of place, may have encompassed playing around with a new camera, wanting to outwit the city folks, involve the family in some UFO entertainment and satisfy a wife’s saucer interests.

Though Paul Trent is always spoken of in “neighborly terms” as being salt-of-the-earth, Paul Trent was not an “unassuming man” without any interest in attention. He was not humble nor “meek and mild.” And he was not at all shy to pose for the press like an actor in these photos ops, ensuring his name in print and in history:




In fact it would be hard to fathom anyone doing today what Paul Trent did to publicize his photos: Just after the UFO photos were developed, Paul went to his local banker Frank Wortman and allowed them to be displayed in the bank’s window where a local passer-by and reporter would then spot them and have them published locally and wind up carried nationally. Paul never objected to the publicity.

This placement of photos in the window of a business reminds me of confessed UFO hoaxer and barber Ralph Ditter of Zanesville, OH. Ditter placed his UFO photos up in the window of his barbershop. Ditter too involved his child. His little girl wanted to see a UFO. So Ditter “made one” using a toy wheel and captured it on camera for her.

And some say of the Trents that no money was ever sought for the photos. But in reality, in 1970, twenty years later and realizing their accrued value, the Trents insisted on having their negatives back from the McMinnville Register, which held them. According to Register Editor Philip Bladine, the Trents were not shy to note to him that ‘they had never been paid for the negatives and thus wanted them back.”

In the end, a farmer had some fun. He wanted us to join along in the entertainment of trying to solve his puzzle. Thank you for that, Paul Trent. Because I too have enjoyed playing make believe in McMinnville. It was fun while it lasted. And it certainly lasted a very long time.